the willing consent of the satellites

THE WILLING CONSENT OF THE SATELLITES hail, weary travelers of the space-time continuum: this summer was an endless one that stretched on into fall.
nature freaked, seasons ceased to be.
see, what should have been the Last Butterfly turned into the Last Last 
Butterfly and finally the Last Last LAST Butterfly,
pale yellow beat and bored there
in the drainage ditch beside the Interstate (November 7th).
it was like an old person who had lived longer than they'd ever intended.
filling the hours and looking for a drink from a flower
that had withered the week before.
i wouldn't have even seen this record holder, had the Pennsylvania state trooper
not pulled me over to ask me probing questions about controlled substances, and 'could his dog sniff my van'.
i declined, as his dog didn't look like it liked to 'party'. now it's now. the season did change.
mother nature's having panic attacks.
flames floods and swirling currents.
up on the High Plains here the prairie fires light up the dark
...and then again it's been ten below zero
and the prairie dogs town doors
froze shut from what?
prairie dog breath condensation?
hawk drool? yes.
watch for those shadows.
2005 went out, like a light
...2006 begins with other forces.
a cloud of friendly giant moths
with powdery wings is due to arrive any time.
they are carrying me to each side of the continent, but soon: AMY ANNELLE solo with MICHAEL HURLEY, THE FINCHES
Tuesday, Jan 17 at Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco AMY ANNELLE with OKAY, SUSURRUS STATION
Thursday, Jan 18 at Hemlock Tavern, San Francsico AMY ANNELLE solo WITH COLIN MELOY, LAURA VEIRS
Thursday, January 26 at The Town Hall, New York THE PLACES, LEWIS & CLARKE, VAGUE ANGELS (chris leo)
and DRAGON TURTLE Saturday, January 28 at Three Moons, Deleware Water Gap, PA
'in the heart of the spooky Poconos' a high-five to Places [drummer-->US-->east-->capricorn/earth] Adam Kriney:
The Wire Magazine 'crost the pond realizes his Owl Sounds record "Cows On Mushrooms" is one of the best Jazz/Improv recordings from that year, there, see it fading?
g'won and get at and finally:
a mysterious force emanating from a broom closet
in the condemned sub-basement of the brill building
has siezed one of my songs and its interpretation is being sold,
with the willing consent of the satellites (but not mine!), as a 
'downloadable cell phone ring tone'.
that wasn't supposed to happen but neither was a lot of other things.
modify the parameters of your phone so vibrate comes off like 'stun'.
[like the gun]
wouldn't that be fun?