the Lord Dog King

GREETINGS from the rarified air that drafts behind the traveling people. I have hauled balls in The Captain, back up the light brown prairie and plains. Up there right now are exquisite specimens of raptors riding thermals, striking prey and sulking in the bare branches of trees. There are pheasants dorking across the road. There is a smoky little prairie fire burning on the border of the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles. Right now there is a pack of 12 dogs living in a yard behind the Texline grain elevator like Lord of the Flies, but with dogs instead of kids. In that yard there is even a hill of dirt, the top of which sits the Lord Dog King. I wanted to get close for pictures but the fence wasn't all that high and I imagine all that'd be left of me after that would be a pile of bones getting buried in holes and gnawed on. I wanted to put their picutre here for you to see, and one of a volcano with a UFO cloud too, but I can't get the dang camera to work right. But there are some pictures of us playing in Austin! If you were looking for love this year you went to the EASTSIDE and found it. Yes the East Side Parties Ruled…FXFY'all, FXFU, and the rad San Franciscans running the Rambler Stage off the back of their '80 Chevy Box Van While in Austin, we also mastered the new Places album, 'Songs For Creeps'. With the help of the live oaks, lily pads, horny squirrels and a gentle, ancient force emanating from behind a curtained stage in Clovis, New Mexico. to be heard by you, but soon! wait for the sun to hit its zenith. I got back here to the cowboy town just in time to see the next-door neighbor get carted away in an ambulance. Red white and blue lights dancing around, the block looked like the disco of suffering…and now. a few hours later. I am bleary-eyed, cooking breakfasts for the prisoners. Please drop a line with what's new with you, and fare forward, voyagers!