the densest alloy

iridium's good for electrical contacts and exterminating dinosaurs. it cannot be attacked by acids, but can be attacked by molten salts. it's named after the latin word for 'rainbow'. rare in the earth's core, o lowly non-radioactive, non-noble gas, it is common in meteorites. what i'm trying to say is: don't rule anything out. the lowly rarity could be the end of thee, flung down from the heavens in vast quantities, blotting out your sun. CALCULATIONS FROM THE SPACE LATTICE: this serves to alert the Jandek fans in the house that Places fiddler and soloist extrordinaire Ralph White will be joining Jandek's backing band for one concert: SATURDAY JULY 21 RALPH WHITE accompanying JANDEK (the rest of the band being Susan Alcorn, Will Johnson and Ryan Williams) ROSE MARINE THEATER FORT WORTH, TEXAS which will be filmed for a future documentary, and the whole story is told here: Ralph White's here: if you don't know Jandek, or dislike silvery white transitional metals, please disregard this message. Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxamy annellexx THE PLACES