the amenable crucible

we've gassed up the captain and will be morosely combusting the petrified remains of dearly departed precambrian creatures* all the way to LA... that's LOUISIANA, friends combustion engines are no longer viable. perhaps that van's best left behind in the bayou. as a frame for to hang thickening wisteria vines and leatherflower. a nest for the black-masked racer and canebrake rattlesnake. and we'll walk one foot at a time through the devilwoods and ironwoods and pineywoods. from texas to louisiana. from louisiana to texas. where to find the refrains and remains of blind mamie forehand, dennis mcgee, sadie coeurville, king solomon hill and little hat jones. annelle, ralph the third, and arrow the whip-tailed butterfly hound are coming to New Orleans, and we can't wait to see you THE PLACES RALPH WHITE LADYBABYMISS (MISS O. from A PARTICULARLY VICIOUS RUMOR) DENISE BONUS June 17 10 PM The Dragon's Den 435 Esplanade Ave New Orleans, LA 70116 504 945 7744 p.s. ralph just got on the myspace, why not go over and say hello and make friends FARE FORWARD, VOYAGERS! xxamy annellexx crucible (def. 3): a place, time, or situation characterized by the confluence of powerful forces. *Geologists report that sediments in Oman provide evidence of an extinction 542 million years ago, the "Precambrian Gap") possibly brought on when the deep sea disgorged noxious waters, which set the stage for the proliferation of wild and wonderful life forms that followed. (it's nothing personal. think of the wild and wonderful life forms that may follow the next disgorging of noxious waters)