still the storm

a bee buzzing around town had a look around says it might come down to this: a pack of mules falling from a ledge into the abyss. two separate storms speaking lightning together over the high plains. a refractory pattern and an overtone. a whole lot of feedback and then, static. I will be singing in Jandek's band for his SXSW performance Saturday March 15. Jandek show info here: a house concert: Amy Annelle w/ Hello Lovers, Aaron Blount Friday March 14 11 PM 104 Chicon St. (@ Cesar Chavez) Austin, TX A new duo of Ralph White & Amy Annelle: PRECIOUS BLOOD. digging deep in the traditional music game bag for the ones with the lean muscles and the beautiful hide. PRECIOUS BLOOD Friday March 14 3 PM FXFY'all 1306 E. 6th Street Austin, TX free all day party on the east side. From downtown, walk 4 blocks east of the freeway. Precious Blood has a new myspace music page: fare forward, voyagers!