space lattice: permission granted

2008 is happening. did you see the space lattice the night it turned, smoke curling around your head, your breath a slow and steady stream of white? not long before dawn i rose in the hay field with the cedar waxwing flock. we were scratching the dirt for seeds, tossing fermented bushberries into the air and swallowing them whole, wheezing tenderly to each other through bandit masked beaks. there was plenty to eat, oh there was plenty to eat. next, i was a human walking a meadow with no paths or fencelines. i found an old horseshoe in the dust and hung it on my wrist. my pockets bulged with fine specimens of igneous incidents, of earthly metamorphosis. i picked up speed and let the wind lift me. south, to drift cross a mountain range i'd seen in a dream. i drank from the creek upstream from where my hides were softening. and the light, the light got gold. a portentious start. take heart. have a look at two new photo zines: "Fever Dream Winter Tour" and "Twenty Square Feet of Shady Lane" here: fare forward, voyagers! xxamy annellexx