"I'll come stand at a typewriter in your corner and shoot murderous words at the birds outside" The new original Places album SONGS FOR CREEPS is here! "a truly compelling and unusual collection of recordings...highly recommended" (Rating: 5+++) Don Seven, babysue/LMNOP Planet Earth (that means international, y'all): mail order this triple-gatefold-sleeved beauty at ---------- To those who lost faith: farewell, farewell To you who'd hear, lonely travelers all*: my tale to tell. This is not for you, Precious Protector of the Image. Lost in your hall of mirrors. SONGS FOR CREEPS does not dig you. It sees you, and it wants to be seen! This is for you: half-right rambler, sentence server: watch enough white lines go by, and you go blind. That's when I started to see, and THIS IS WHAT I SAW. SONGS FOR CREEPS sings the song of you who labor too long at the task, and fail, and you never had it easy. You: waking in the dead of night to a dream lover's departure, his kiss is still on your lips. (You can't do nothin' right. You wear all your fears here, on the outside) YOU GIVE ME THE CREEPS You're standing there, in the glare of the spot light, holding the wrong hand. SONGS FOR CREEPS understands; see? It's standing there, holding a hand too. The grasping one that thrust up from the grave it just dug. The enemy--that terror--may have been utterly conquered, but it is missed, now that it's not around. (I did not mean any harm) It will come back, because you let it come back. (Stars of the third and fourth magnitude, your light dims as you measure your brother. You've been had by savage masters: jealousy and anger. Don't you see? Now love is all that's left) ---------- ORDER INFO: EASIEST mail order now with PayPal just click the button at PLAN B please send $12 cash or check by October 9 to: AMY ANNELLE/HIGH PLAINS SIGH c/o 2401 Coronado St. Austin, TX 78702 USA SONGS FOR CREEPS official release date is October 10 but mail orders will be filled immediately. After October 10 the album will continue to be available via mail order here at and probably elsewhere too. For those of you who like to keep it abstract, you will be able to download at ITunes, Napster etc. We will be selling these physical beauties at shows on our tour of the US as a trio in October 9--November 25. The Places Full Band Fantasy Sound, with Adam Kriney and Tom Hand, and I will write again soon to announce tour dates. SONGS FOR CREEPS all songs ©2006 by Amy Annelle (BMI Make/Do Music) with Special Guests: Andy Piper, Paul Brainard, Brian Beattie and Jay Pellicci. Produced with Brian Beattie and Jay Pellicci; mastered by Billy Stull. Original album art and design by E*Rock. ---------- track listing: MINERS LIE! BLESSED SPEED THE LION'S SHARE MY WEARY EYE MERCY ME GOLD TO GREEN THE DAMN INSANE ASYLUM THE NATURAL ARC I'M A-GONE DOWN TO THE GREEN FIELDS SUCH AS THE EARTH (NEVEROFF'S FATE) WORSE AND WISE ---------- Fare Forward, Voyagers! and peace to you too, LOVE xxthe placesxx *"Farewell, Farewell" ©1969 by Richard Thompson