Sleepography, HIGH PLAINS AND PEAKS Western US tour

DAY 1 Copper Breaks area overlooking pond,Texas Panhandle DAY 2 a rock cove near Black Mesa and Rabbitear Mountain, Oklahoma Panhandle DAY 3 clapboard bunkhouse near Ridgetop Nature Trail, Oklahoma Panhandle DAY 4 fake-lake campground outside Greeley, CO DAY 5 loft with pine paneling and red shag carpet over Joe Carducci's kitchen, Centennial, WY DAY 6 back bedroom of double-wide next to venue, lots of brown things and deer paraphanalia. LaPorte, CO DAY 7 Carducci's again DAY 8, 9 downstairs guest bedroom at edge of white carpet field, Fitzpatrick house, Lakewood, CO DAY 10 under the stars in a Cottonwood Flat, Green River's banks, Western WY. Woke to psychedelic pelicans fishing in the river. For real. DAY 11 couch in back room, Clayton's Mormon brick house, Salt Lake City, UT DAY 12 in the midst of a coyote dance party, Snake River Valley, Oregon/Idaho border DAY 13 pallet on the floor, a hat full of plums from the trees outside, Seattle, WA DAY 14 between the circus tent and the scrapwood shack at Andy Piper's freak compound, Bellingham WA DAY 15 Next to Big Bertha the tube radio on Snock's couch, Astoria, OR DAY 16 next to Dave Reisch's 1947 bus home, Freak Mountain, Tualatin Mountains, OR DAY 17 bank of a Coast Range River next to onery drunk family, Oregon DAY 18 on the street in front of friendly house, Davis, CA DAY 19, DAY 20 below the wainscotting and asymmetrical oval ceiling in Jen and Quinn's apartment, San Francisco DAY 21 Josh & Yuri's rock and roll laundry room, Oakland, CA DAY 22 Parham's guest room amidst the moving boxes, Los Gatos, CA DAY 23 Tinder-dry oak copse at Cerro Alto, above Morro Bay, Central CA. seriously hassled by blue jays. DAY 24 Cottonwood and willow flat in Los Padres National forest near Ventucopa,CA (two weeks after it burned). They grow persimmons, carrots, and asian pears in that valley! DAY 25 Drove all night across the desert DAY 26 Sandy cedar and juniper flats in Kaibob National Forest near the Lowline train tracks. North of Ash Fork, AZ (Flagstone quarrying town) DAY 27 Flat spot on a dirt road next to the Hat Rock, above the San Juan River Canyon, edge of Navajo Nation DAY 28, 29 edge of Dark Canyon Primitive Area, Manti-La Sal National Forest (near Bears Ears Mountain), Southeast Utah. DAY 30 Scott's house above Durango, CO DAY 31 the only motel room sleep, edge of Llano Estecado, Lubbock TX DAY 32 End of a lonesome county road near O.H. Ivee Reservoir. Oilfields/Rattlesnake/Restless Spirit Habitat. Hill Country, Runnels County, TX