relict species

Ahoj, friends! An airplane has taken the rubes and our instruments to New York City! Back to the land of the mosquecycle and sycamore and 3-legged dog, humans displaying infinite variations of aggression, compassion, transcention. On the airplane we learnt from the tiny TV screens how hippos do kill but don't eat human flesh. and if you do, don't eat the brain, because you can catch a disease that makes you wobbly and eventually, die. Dig: there is an article about the Places today in Billboard Magazine: "Annelle makes music borne up from the land. Keen, empathetic observers, they seem to move, like ghosts, through walls and locked doors and into the homes and lives of men and women they'll never be, yet whose stories are somehow always in part their own -- and our own." READ THE WHOLE BILLBOARD ARTICLE HERE: " AND this most luminous TOP LIVE SHOWS PREVIEW from TimeOut NY: "A folksinger in the truest sense, Annelle and her high, lonesome, pretty voice seem to be from no particular time--more like many of them at once. Resembling someone who might've been hopping trains with Woody Guthrie, she transmits ages of American troubadour traditions in her performances. But if one of her roles is as a medium, it's hardly a passive feat; the songs come from and go in all directions."--Mike Wolf, Music Editor COME OUT, NEW YORK CITYZENS! Thursday 7/12 SOUND FIX RECORDS free in-store performance 9:30 RALPH WHITE 10:30 THE PLACES 110 Bedford Ave. (718) 388-8090 FRIDAY 7/13 JOE'S PUB ADVANCE TICKETS/SHOW PREVIEW HERE: 9 PM RAPLH WHITE 9:4 PM THE PLACES 425 Lafayette New York, NY (212) 539-8770 SATURDAY 7/14 HOUSE CONCERT & BONFIRE/HOUSE FIRE & BONCERT Germantown, NY (2 hrs north of NYC) new friends, email for details. Write if you are in NYC and might like to have a good old-fashioned house concert on Monday. Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxamy annellexx THE PLACES