puffy cloud bender continues

PUFFY CLOUD BENDER CONTINUES Well. A short spell in the Port Town, and the Places are compelled to roll on: the PUFFY CLOUD BENDER CONTINUES. Today was spent imbibing the puffy clouds that flow freely over Idaho. The clouds riffing on the way the tops of the mountains are shaped. The lava fields and nuclear waste repositories, glass buttes, homemade tattoos and wolves. Homemade tattoos of wolves. We broke the sound barrier at Bonneville Flats. 8.24 SPICE CAFE SALT LAKE CITY, UT 8.25 HI-DIVE DENVER, CO 8.26 O'LEAVERS OMAHA, NE 8.28 BEAT KITCHEN, CHICAGO, IL 8.29THUNDERBIRD, JACKSON, MI 8.30 MODERN EXCHANGE, SOUTHGATE MI 8.31 ROUSTABOUT! AT DARKHORSE TAVERN, STAGE COLLEGE, PA 9.2 TALKING HEAD CLUB, BALTIMORE, MD 9.3 TEST PATTERN GALLERY, SCRANTON, PA 9.6 TONIC, NEW YORK, NY