this is happening: a colony of feral parrots are procreating, in a communal nest, high atop the cell phone tower behind the quickiemart. the guy who lives kitty-corner from the quickie mart is staying up all night watching t.v. on the lawn, he's tearing down walls, he's burning the studs and drywall in his barbeque grill and the flames, along with the flashing television screen, make an intriguing array of lighting situations on his bare chest and back. some kid's weed wrapped up in his spanish homework got found on a particularly lonesome stretch of railroad tracks, about a half mile up from where a while ago somebody found, and left, a giant gold crucifix. and a few streets over the 12th street cowboy is riding his horse past the projects, all the way down 12th street, then back up it. In otherwords it's SPRINGTIME IN EAST AUSTIN! and it's glorious here. the frogs in the drainage ditch are starting to singing again and i thought, "that's the spirit". go, team frogs! A WHOLE LOTTA SHOWS IN AUSTIN, TEXAS (or: LONE BIRD, RETURN OF): Andy Piper, the creature known as lone bird, has survived the annual migration from Bellingham, Washington to Austin. and in his little claws he carried his washboard and suitcase bass drummm, his 4 stringer dropped to C and a singing saw, the guild tape delay and other soundmaking devices. Come see this latest invocation of the Places at a bunch of shows in Austin, TX: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27 flipnotics
starts at 8:00 THURSDAY, APRIL 28 --NEW-- the places and lone bird play happy hour at headhunters starts at 6:00 then later THRUSDAY APRIL 28 the places at emo's with two gallants, sail on, sailor! and damian jurado starts at 10. SATURDAY MAY 7 the Places and Lone Bird with My Education at the Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX starts at 10. TUESDAY MAY 23 The Places and Lone Bird & friends at the Church of the Friendly Ghost, Austin, TX May 31 The places will be projected live on the radiowaves coming out of the KUT transmitter. Performing on John Aielli's Eklektikos at noon. JUNE 1 The Places and the Lowlights at Flipnotics, Austin, TX THEN, A TOUR IN JUNE me and Andy tour up to new york with our friends the lowlights their new album, 'Dark End Road' hits the street in May and it'll slay ya. A reunion with elemental Places Jude Webre and Jack Martin will occur in NYC and we will head out again, four of us will, to spread love and happiness and the full band release to every dark hearted gandy gang, every run-down rounder out there. if you would like to help set up a show in your town, please email: I MEAN IT OKKERVIL RIVER'S cryptic fantastic new album 'Black Sheep Boy' is out now, and I had the pleasure of singing on a few of their tunes. Go on and get it. On vinyl even and finally, as tends to happen this time of year, the mockingbirds are so wound up with desire and longing that they are doing their best singing in the dead of night. they can't help themselves. they sing when they fly, they will sing in the courtyard of a depressing apartment complex because the acoustics suit them. and it's the boys who are the songbirds, not the girls. now, and ever, all hands together! love,