High Plains Sigh Presents: A Salute to The Song

...A reminder about the show Wednesday in Austin, TX. hope you can make it... we're doing it again, people, I tell you. High Plains Sigh Presents another evening of freeform live music, this time featuring original song makers in a listening environment. Friends one and all, seekers and freaks, bushwhacking crooked and beautiful paths to the top of the mountain. if you'll be in Austin for SXSW, this is the only places performance. It is an independent event, All are Welcome. please come early and stay...just don't miss this convergence of mavericks. HIGH PLAINS SIGH PRESENTS: a SALUTE to the SONG short sets by song makers with peculiar vernaculars Wed 3.14 8 PM--close Peacock Lounge (21+) 515 E. Pedernales "Back East" Austin, TX 512.276.8979 NO SXSW WRISTBAND NECESSARY and no cover charge, but donations accepted for traveling bands. the order might change, please check for details. 8:00 GARRETT PIERCE & MATT BAUER (San Francisco, CA), FREE-FORMED CONSCIOUSNESS. 8:30 RALPH WIHTE (Austin, TX) PRECAMBRIAN FIDDLE/BANJO/KALIMBA SHREDDER. 9:00 LANA REBEL (Portland, OR/Tucson, AZ) SWEETLY DOOMED FREQUENCIES OF HONKATONK COUNTRY. 9:30 Dave and Walker from ARBOURETUM (Baltimore, MD) ASTRAL GUITAR AND ABANDONED BUILDINGS SINGING. 10:00 TENLONS FORT (Georgetown, TX) FILMMAKER, HEARTBREAKER, A TIME WARP TO TOWNES' TEXAS. 10:30 THE PLACES (ponds/plateus/plains) SINGIN' AND STOMPIN' THE FRACTAL HIGH STEPPES BLUES. 11:00 Red Hunter from PETER & THE WOLF (Austin, TX) ENIGMA, CHEATER OF DEATH AT SEA. 11:30 LONE BIRD (Everson, WA) ONE MAN CREATURE BAND ROVES THE LAND. 12:00 CHANEQUES VIAJEROS (Black Rock Desert, NV) ABSYNTHIAN ORIGINALS FROM SAM AND DYLAN OF "THAT DAMNED BAND" 12:30 PLUTONIUM FARMER (under a rootwad on the banks of Boggy Creek) MULTI-TONAL COUNTRY MAYHEM. ----------------------------- what's this? a freshly minted batch of the handmade covers album, FAWNS WITH FANGS: Selections From the Dark Heart of the Thicket! you can order yours here: in the SHOPPIN' sector Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxannelleskixx