Gather 'Round the Old Radio

Hi Folks, 


Amy and Ralph recenly played a live Precious Blood set for "Phoning It In" on KDVS radio, in Davis, California. Wander on over & listen to a free recording here:


"Amy Annelle (ex-Places) and Ralph White (ex-Bad Livers) phone it in from Austin, TX.  Precious Blood may be a lark for this duo--kicking back, jamming on old country standards, Cajun waltzes, and other traditional folk musics--but the results are nothing short of true alchemy. I'd make some mention of a time machine here if it wouldn't be mixing metaphors, but this stuff really does transport you, to the days of Harry Smith's or Alan Lomax's backroads recording adventures, when 78rpm records had just eclipsed sheet music, and families still gathered around the radio. It's magic, plain and simple. How else could these two incorporate so much musical history so effortlessly? And who else but? So take a seat on the porch swing and enjoy!"~~Nadav Carmel, KDVS Radio