Follow the Fault Lines West Coast Tour Dates

HEAR, YE: HERE BE THE PLACES CONTINENTAL TOUR, A CONTINENT WITH NO MIDDLE: the first leg follows the fault lines of our grinding tectonic plates. below the large state somebody named california. will we be vibrated by a temblor issuing from deep within the molten core? sure. it's happened before. The Places West Coast Strings and Skins Variant Featuring Joshua Housch on 1949 Kay Upright Arco Bass, George D'Anunzio on small drum kit with all the trappings; with Amy Annelle and her masochistic 1933 Gibson L-00 SUN 3.18 DAN'S BACK PORCH, OAKLAND, CA (Temescal Sector) if you know Dan S. who just moved into a new pad, then you know where to go. MON 3.19 PIONEERTOWN (JOSHUA TREE, CA) @ PAPPY & HARRIETS !did not burn in the big fire, thank the stars!, with Bingo Dream Band TUE 3.20 SAN DIEGO, CA @ KAVA LOUNGE with the inestimable Bunky and Roxy Jones (and don't bemoan me if i run away to a canyon on the baja peninsula and immerse in a desert hot spring for the rest of eternity--proximity, proximity) WED 3.21 LOMPOC, CA (flower seed and secret surf beach Capitol of the World) @ SUGAR MAGNOLIA'S with Le Petit Protest THUR 3.22 SAN FRANCISCO, CA (an urban assemblage that quakes and burns right on schedule, according to Geologic Time) @ RICKSHAW STOP with Okay, Michael Musika FRI 3.23 DAVIS, CA Live Performance on Michael Leahy's "Cool As Folk" on KDVS at 11:30; listen live on then an evening show at DELTA OF VENUS with Le Petit Protest, 'Oogie SAT 3.24 PORTLAND, OR @ TOWNE LOUNGE oh lord good to see you again, port town, and with deer friends Zak Riles (Grails) and Pseudosix SUN 3.25 PORTLAND, OR TBA it's not official yet, it's going to be cool, but terrifying. ------------------------------- PERIGRINATE, THEN, TO THE COLONIAL MORASS: The Places East Coast Woodsy Sparseness Variant featuring Ralph White on precambrian fiddle and hellhound banjo; Jude Webre on 1932 Czech Flatblack Upright Bass; with Amy Annelle and the best posessed guitar in the world THURS 3.29 BROOKLYN, NY @ LUTHERAN CHURCH OF THEE MESSIAH with Castanets, Shapes & Sizes a few more NY/PA shows to come...write if you'd like to set something up cause me just might be able...will send another missive with news of the rubes...the full complement of High Plains Sigh Musical Releases, factory manufactured and handmade beauties, will be available for your perusal...and we look forward to seeing you! THANK YOU to the music makers, the receptors, and the vessel: A SALUTE TO THE SONG at the Peacock last week was a pleasure to behold. a finer constellation could not have been conjured. Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxannelleski and the real fantasy placesxx