double helix in the sky tonight

throw out the hardware. let's do it right. and ahoj from my new handle. this is the first transmission, once removed from ye olde hotmaille account. i grew weary of the mysterious transmissions: from ho:RNY hoUsewives, CIaLis purveyors, trustees of a surprise inheritance from the republic of benin requesting that i send them cash money to prove i'm "serious", various and sundry assholes. here at high plains sigh, there are no such invasions. only puffy clouds, train tracks, drunk butterflies. birds singing like a waterfall and lightning brain-storm communications. citizen's band radio humming over the prairie dog town sprawl. killer dogs. raptors! the bones have been picked. there's news of a friendly show: BIG OLD PARTY IN SARAH'S BACKYARD (CRAWL SPACE) JUNE 16 with the places amy rau esther hernandez somebody and somebody porlolo little adam rachel pollard Denver, Colorado Inca Street/7th, somewhere in the crumbly sector south of downtown 8 p.m. I understand this will not be feasable for most of you. If you live in Denver, and do not know Inca Street Sarah's backyard, you could ride your bike down Inca street and look for people smoking on a porch. other news. The First High Plains Sigh release is the covers album FAWNS WITH FANGS: Selections From the Dark Heart of the Thicket. and it is making like the runt that survived. Top 20 at WNUR this week in Chicago? true. adding awkward dark splotches to the set lists of various venerable disc jockeys (they wear tight pants and carry crops to smack the flanks of stubborn, bloody music) at WFMU in New York? you bet. playing tetris with the smart kids on Princeton University's WPRB? it is. thank you for letting these songs into your brain waves and nerve endings. it has also made its way over to thailand, spain, denmark, japan and antarctica, among other was a long shot, and it hit something, somewhere, and i think that thing kind of likes it. soon, very soon, very very soon i will write to you about the coming new original album called SONGS FOR CREEPS. it is at the factory RIGHT NOW getting made. this album is so close to my heart that releasing it will be like releasing some rare wild rehabilitated creature back into the wilderness at dusk, and it turning back to look at me one last time, and not wanting to reach out to it because i know it is better off free, even if it dies that very same night, and then it turns and flies or gambols off into the unknown. i have posted a few songs for you to hear. here. in the HEAR sector. and in the photo gallery, documentary of the Giant Metal Butterflies of DuPont. do you know what i mean? then there's the tour. october onward. it will be the Fantasy Places Home Planet Sound Whole Band, and we will be pioneering through the material on SONGS FOR CREEPS and the frontiers of space/time/70s cocaine country, deep cuts and moldy oldies, and the shows might even be in the paper. we will join forces with illustrious/lascivious/genius/not famous friends along the way. If you would like us to come to your town, especially if it is out of the way, or has unusual local fauna, or is near the woods or a pond or estuary, or if your kind eats some peculiar regional thing for breakfast, or if you are in another freaking country, or have written in the past about playing a show together, please drop a line to also write if you just want to say hello: 'ahoj' in the czech tongue. so now without me even noticing, the sky has darkened from the gloaming into to a black field of stars and with that, i bid you adieu and FARE FORWARD xxamy annelle.