BIG LOVE AND THANKS to each and everyone...

I'd only ever dreamed of such a fine evening of music and community.

As an elder in the crowd said,

"it's like a big family here".


A waxing gibbous moon shone down through the oak boughs.

Warm winds and generous spirits officiated.

My songs poured forth from dear friends old and new,

and I loved every note.

Surprising tunes were pulled from deep downstream,

the newest ones settling in beside them.

Songs were inverted, rearranged,

stripped down and dressed up.

These were not cursory reads.


Good news is, it was recorded!

More about this, and word of other musical machinations, soon.

BIG LOVE AND THANKS to each and everyone who played and stayed and sang along,

Including you all sending well wishes from far & wide.

THANK YOU for the big-hearted donations of music and art and greenbacks.

AND THANK YOU to Annie Street Arts Collective

for being a catalyst of positive energy for the independent music community.

I hope that the generosity and suport showered on me and my songs

comes back to you all in spirit and in kind.


Amy Annelle



"God Bless" photo by Amy Annelle