A Tangent Pair

Hello Friends,


I write from the wake of the season's first North'er.  A North'er is a cold front that barrels down the High Plains from Alberta.  Often there's blue-black clouds blasting a line from the west horizon to the east.  A wall of bluster.  But this one just blew away the summer.  It left crystal clear air and the rush of a season turning.  Did you hear last night, how the cicadas were singing?  There's urgency in numbered days.  Do it if you mean to, before the bitter winds lay you still.

North'er Approaching Lower Colorado by Amy Annelle

The Wednesday Residency continues.  Sitting in with me this week will be Brian Beattie on the electric bass. Brian and I have worked together on many studio recordings, but this playing live will be a first.  Please join us up on yonder hilltop tomorrow evening in Austin, Texas.  Chord-tangent transformation.  Offerings in the name of Bessie, Townes, R. Stevie & Dolly, Maddy, Woody and all the Watersons. 


Amy Annelle Wednesday Residency

special guest Brian Beattie

Wednesday 9.29 6--7:30 PM


3601 S. Congress Ave.

Austin, Tex USA 


I will also be playing a solo set this Sunday October 3 at the Ghost Room in Austin for Blue Dog Rescue's 10th Anniversary.


Fare Forward, Voyagers!