a storm's a-brewing

Oh, how the storms come up o'er the High Plains.  

On a moody muggy afternoon, a lonely gravid cloud 

means possibilities.

It casts its shadow & starts to stir up the air around it.  

Before your very eyes, it's gathered a roiling mass of allies,

charged particles, all with a notion to rumble and lash.  

There is a lively energy exchange with the paralell plane.  

The thunder comes, bolts of lightning are hurled,

a banshee wind drives a curtain of rain.  

To be caught in the open in such a storm is to laugh as you run for your life,

is to know how it feels to be alive.

This is not unlike how a tour happens.  

A festival, an offer of hospitality, a house concert or happening

is the cloud that starts a reaction in the air around it.  

This is happening already; a tour is in the air!  

So I thought I would put the word out that, if you've written me in the past

about a show in your neck of the woods,

now is a good time to remind me.

Yes please to drop a line if you'd like to see about booking a show,

or want to suggest a friendly listening spot, happening

or show putter-onner near you.

 Commotion & reaction, thank you & bless you.


The official release of "The Cimarron Banks" approaches June 1st!*

It can be got via good old fashioned mail order, or from me at a show.  

To order with cash or check, please send $12 + $3 ship & handle = $15

(international orders please include $5 shipping & handling)

and do send an email to let me know it's on the way!






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There's another curious happening on the High Plains:

at the very top of mesas, that much closer to the clouds

tiny butterflies fly around and do their thing,

despite the stiff winds and long odds.

perhaps it's the view that stretches forever,

perhaps it's the lack of affect from concrete & plow.

It's a wonder they survive, or find each other at all;

but clearly they do.  


With love from the hinterlands,

Amy Annelle