GREETINGS FROM SIX FEET UNDER THE UNDERGROUND! hello from the cowboy town. home of many endearingly sleazy liquor stores with signs with log letters or rope letters. birthplace of the trench coat mafia. from the street, open flames can be seen behind the greasy windows of the columbine steak house. for a second you can even see the CNN ticker on the t.v. but down in texas, our friend Lana Rebel's puttin' on the first annual Fuck By Fuck Y'all, the rowdy old country cousin of FXFU, which is the third finger, once removed, to the more unsavory aspects of SXSW. hear down there, the ciccadas already are stirring under the bark of trees, and the buzz sounds to me like: 'C'MON DOWN, EVERYBODY GONNA BE DOWN, PET THE BABIES AND KISS THE DOGS, PLAY SOME MUSIC, NOTHING TWIXT HERE AND THERE BUT TRAIN TRACKS, PUFFY CLOUDS, EQUIDISTANT HAWKS AND A HIGH PLAINS SIGH.' The Places (Amy Annelle with Andy Piper and Paul Brainard) play FXFY'all FRIDAY 3/17 at the Typewriter Museum, Austin, TX. Also there will be a friendly afternoon show at the Spider House SATURDAY 3/18 at 1:00 p.m. and who knows what all else we'll get into. for times, band listings etc for these and all upcoming shows, please visit the oh-so-user-friendly fare forward, voyagers! xxaaxx