"Three Billboards" at Golden Globes, Amy Annelle solo show in Houston


Congratulations to "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri" for winning four Golden Globes last night: Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor to Sam Rockwell, and Best Actress to Francis McDormand!

Amy's version of the great Texas songwriter Townes Van Zandt's "Buckskin Stallion Blues" plays throughout the final scenes of the film and is introducing Amy's music to a whole new audience. Please join her in Houston January 19 for an intimate solo performance at McGonigle's Mucky Duck. 9:30 pm show. Advance tickets available at


"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri" film and soundtrack


Amy's version of Townes Van Zandt's "Buckskin Stallion Blues" appears in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri", the new film by writer and director Martin McDonagh. The song also appears on the film soundtrack, released by Varèse Sarabande and available at Amazon.


Sweet Relief & Georgia On My Mind


I'll be traveling to Atlanta very soon,

to have surgery to treat my endometriosis. 

this is major surgery (my fourth)

and has been a major endeavor to make happen. 

hopefully, it will be a turning point 

on my journey with this miserable disease.


Sweet Relief has kindly set up a medical fund on my behalf.

there's a bit of my story here, 

and links for solid endometriosis resources.


all donations are tax deductible

and will go towards my surgery and recovery expenses.

please take a moment to visit the site & share the link.

every little bit helps. 


if you or a loved one are living with this disease, 

you are welcome to get in touch with me.

i have learned a lot on this involuntary journey

and am happy to advocate for others.


thanks you for sticking with me through all this.

it's been so long.

if all goes well,

i hope to be back in the swing of things 

later this year.

imagine that...


Fare Forward!

Amy Annelle


'Surgery' project update


To everyone who has supported the 'Surgery' project: 

It's hard to put into words how much I appreciate your support.  Friends showing up for me from all points of the past and reminds me of how blessed I have been during my time on the road and during this difficult, or shall I say different, time of staying put.  I am a little more than halfway through the 8 week 'recovery' time for the operation and continue to focus on healing.

Recording 'Surgery' gave me a break from being a sick person, and let me be back where I belong...making music for you.  I hope it takes you somewhere good...Fare Forward, Voyagers!

p.s. For those who prefer music in a tangible, non-virtual form:  

I am making a small batch of handmade, hand-stitched 'Surgery' CDs.  

(I suppose I could make a cassette for you too, if you are a fan of those little machines, as am I)

If you would like one, please send a donation of any amount to:

High Plains Sigh c/o Amy Annelle

 6003 Ponca Street


Austin, TX 78741


'SURGERY': new music and photography project


Hello friends!


Well folks, here it is, the brand-new music and photography project, SURGERY.

Eleven folk tunes and standards,

recorded last month at home in Montopolis, Texas during a rainstorm.  


As you may know, I recently had major surgery for a chronic medical condition.  

This project has been set up as a fundraiser, with proceeds going towards medical expenses.

The album was conceived in the weeks before surgery as a way to transcend fears

and the stress of chronic illness through music...and dangit, it worked!

I  am excited to be able to share it with you now.  


Please make a donation of any amount to the medical fund: 


Then download the album free*:




'SURGERY' by Amy Annelle

HPS 014


GREY FUNNEL LINE (written by Cyril Tawney, 1959; after June Tabor & Maddy Prior)

NEW RIVER BLUES (written by Michael Hurley, 2006)

THE BONNY SHIP THE 'DIAMOND' (traditional, 1820s; after the Watersons)

TRASH FISH (FISHIN' ALL DAY) (written by Ralph White, 1992)

QUIET (written by Malvina Reynolds, 1966)

BLACK IS THE COLOR (traditional; after Jean Ritchie)


I ONCE LOVED A LASS (traditional, British Isles; after Ewan MacColl)

THAT OLE DEVIL CALLED LOVE (written by Doris Fischer & Allan Roberts, 1944; after Billie Holiday)

TRAVELING PEOPLE (written by Ewan MacColl, 1964; after Gordon Bok)

OVER THE RAINBOW (written Yip Harburg & Harold Arlen, 1939)


Recorded one rainy weekend in December 2014

by Amy Annelle at home in Montopolis, Texas.

Mixed by Craig Ross.

Amy Annelle: guitars, voices, shruti box & drones, percussion, tin whistle, chimes.  

Ike & David:  backing vocals on track 4.

Auxiliary hollering, boasting, barking and leafblowing as they occurred.


*Do you loathe digital music and/or digital fundraising?

Fellow luddites, take heart!  

A handmade CD version of this album is available

for a donation of any amount.

Donations may be sent via the regular old postman,

who will haul ass through my neighborhood in his little right-hand drive truck,

 delivering your parcel surreptitiously after sunset:



Amy Annelle

6003 Ponca Street

Montopolis, Austin, TX 78741



Fare Forward, with love!

xxHigh Plains Sighxx


the Omniscient Siren's Song



Hello friends!  


and so it goes

that once again we have approached and passed 

the place in space that makes for a new year.

do you feel it?  can you tell?

i'm not sure yet.  

still pretty out of it, but happy all the same.


I am recovering quietly and fine from the surgery.

Thank you to my friends who have gently got my back

and are looking after the critters and creations!


The new album of surgery songs went on a trip to the mixing shed

and should be returning home, ready to share shortly!  

And thus, the lowdown on the download and how that will happen!

News of it here in, like, days.


In the meantime, something to watch, someplace to go.

on video.

Back in time and place,

to caliche roads, clouds, satchels full of songs.

Bang-up full production numbers

of Ivy & the Wicker Suitcase @ Stateside Theatre in Austin Texas, November 2014.


Omniscient Siren (Amy Annelle) accompanies Omniscient Serenader (Brian Beattie)

on his "Ivy's Dream"



...and a drowsing Everything (Bill Callahan) "I Was Sleeping"

Those illustrious illustrated cranky reels are by Valerie Beattie.


Frogs croak. twinkles twinkle. fates allow,

 as they will you.


Fare Forward!

Amy Annelle




Well folks, I'm scheduled for surgery on December 30th.

I won't get into the gory details, but it's major surgery

with all the bills and thrills that go along with that.

So to prepare spiritually and to raise funds for this non-voluntary endeavor,

I have decided to make it a celebration of sorts,

with an album called SURGERY!

I've been recording at home.

And will polish off this acute collection of songs

and make it available for your listening enjoyment right quick!

More details to come soon via the mailing list

or the benignly neglected www. 

Fare Forward!

Amy Annelle


put your loving hand in mine


Hello, stranger.  Put your loving hand in mine.

You are a stranger, but you're a pal of mine.

Amy Annelle here, briefly come up from the abyss

 to partake in a performance Saturday night.  

Rob Halvorsen's "Grapes of Wrath 75" Project is in full swing,

the latest manifestation being a night of yarns & song

at the Spiderhouse Cafe in Austin, Tejas.  

Rob is in collaboration with folks of many stripes

on the subject of Joad Clan|:|USA;

yes many lights will coalesce and shine tomorrow night. 

I'll sing a sort of lullaby to Rosasharn that Rob and I wrote,

and The Ballad of Belle Star, translated from the 1940's Woody.

So won't you come on down and stay awhile?

There's a chill in the air and tunes to beguile.



Saturday, October 25th

Spiderhouse Ballroom

2906 Fruth Street



doors at 7:00; show at 8:00

**All Ages Welcome**

$10 suggested donation



Whatever Happened To Amy Annelle?


Whatever happened to Amy Annelle?

Courser of the highways and byways

wandering the country with her music family in a big old van.  

Songs coming to you over the airwaves, f

rom the streetcorner, campfire or stage.  


It's not that I have gone. or given up.  Far from it. 

I just got real sick.  

There you have it.   

Been a couple years now.

No sure fire cures.

Trailing through a different wilderness.

Looking for clues, and crime scenes.


I will mend.  This is my intention.

But this mending takes time, stillness.

Out of my element, yet more elemental, this mending takes time.  

So, slow I go.  


In the meantime, the world speeded up.  

I am out of tune with the speed of the world.  

So you may only hear me as a whisper,

rather than a bullhorn holler.  

The muses speak more gently now than ever.

I promise to see them through.  

No teams of experts ensure my success or viability.  

When something happens, it just does.

Not that nothing is happening... Some things happened.  

Did you hear things?  Did you see things?  

Metaphorical motes come up from the dark, and floated around in a sunbeam.


This one's a story about my friend Ralph White.  

Told by a fellow traveler finding his own way,

with some songs and words of mine helping the telling:


Two new photo essays from the Texas High Plains: 

"ESTELUSTI:  The Longest Road to Brackettville"



you can go over to the "still photos" section at to see.


And another episode, related to the first, but different.  

About the cowboy artist and wise man, R. Kelly Pruitt,

and the love for his Texas high desert.  

My songs from "The Cimarron Banks" are there in that wild place, and couldn't feel more at home:



There, then.

Until we meet again, I bid you:



The Golden-Winged Ship


Ahoj, friends, and newcomers to the High Plains Sigh newsletter:  Welcome. 


I write with news of a forthcoming musical adventure, scheduled for the evening of October 10th in Austin, Tex.  


What there will be is


rare and true

and played with soul

for you.  



Wednesday Oct. 10th 

doors at 9:30

all-ages show

$6 at the door; all ages

Mohawk Austin



This will be my last show for 2012 and one of just a few I've played this year.  


Prior to this show, I will be performing on KOOP Radio's "Adventures In Sound" program.  On Saturday, Oct. 6th, tune to 91.7 on your FM dial between the hours of 1 and 2 p.m.Central Standard Time and you will hear new songs and tangential happenings.  Or tune in online at to listen anywhere you darn well please.



As Ever Always,

High Plains Sigh


High Plains SIgh Releases now available in digital format


Yes, you may now enjoy the High Plains Sigh catalogue in the modern virtual way.  All titles by Amy Annelle, and her earlier work as "The Places"*, can be procured as downloads by visiting iTunes, Rhapsody, and other websites where these sorts of transactions transpire.  

Have a look here at the catalog, there may be some albums trips a-waitin' that you've not yet taken.  In Particular "The Great Unveiling", a new Amy Annelle covers album, which was never officially released, rather it just appeared in the stream one day, fully formed and sunning itself on the banks. 

Thank You for your support, and as ever, Fare Forward!




THE GREAT UNVEILING, Amy Annelle (2012) HPS 012

Informal readings of folk, rock and unclassifiable songs.  Annelle covers everyone from Skip James and Townes Van Zandt to Ray Davies and R. Stevie Moore.  Mostly recorded at home.

THE CIMARRON BANKS, Amy Annelle (2010) HPS 009

"A genuine American visionary strikes again, this time with smoldering allegorical heft. Annelle tempers the profound with flecks of the profane, warping timeless compositions with modern forthrightness and frailty…a haunting, heartening, and harrowingly human folk event. There’s just a lot going on here, and it’s an accessible complexity that’s sure to endure." (Howard Wyman, Crawdaddy) 

 SONGS FOR CREEPS, The Places (2006) HPS 004

"A starkly beautiful collection of dark avant-folk wanderings...eerily quiet and breathtaking.  'Songs For Creeps' mirrors the nomadic lifestyle of its maker, utilizing vintage equipment and instruments, found sounds like bird calls and ghostly Native American chanting, and her own sweet voice.  Annelle crafts wonderfully weird, macabre songs about fading love, murderous intentions, seers and midnight explorations" (Peter Linblad, Goldmine Magazine) 

FAWNS WITH FANGS:  Selections From the Dark Heart of the Thicket, The Places (2005) HPS 001 

"Not the usual premeditated studio covers album: it's more of an accidental self-portrait, drawn from a wealth of live recordings and home 4-track sessions. The album digs deep into the hallowed underground of British and American folk and psychedelic rock--with a few wild cards mixed in"  The secret bonus tracks are included.

CALL IT SLEEP, The Places (2004) HPS  008 

"A staggering achievement of tranquil, curiously soothing acrimony…the songs seem exuded from a heart evolved well past a certain peril but still beating virulently…lush, patient melodies and expertly balanced arrangements" (Howard Wyman, Swingset Magazine)

A SCHOOL OF SECRET DANGERS, Amy Annelle (2001) HPS 007

"A School of Secret Dangers is the bar at which modern singer-songwriters should measure up to, a tight recording stripped down to the bare essentials and somehow managing to sound whole in every way" (Alex Steininger, In Music We Trust) 


"I've never floated through an album before, but listening to The Autopilot Knows You Best, I felt as if I were buoyed on the zephyr of Annelle's ivory-pure voice, passing through the vapor of flawless, narcotic clouds of music" (John Dark, Pitchfork Media)

WHICH ONE'S YOU?, Amy Annelle (1999) HPS 003

"Twisting melodies and bear-trap lyrics that tear the bark off any vestige of sentimentality...a remarkable and wrenching debut record" (John Chandler, Rocket Magazine)


*titles originally released as "The Places" are now listed online as "Amy Annelle & the Places".


Amy Annelle to play Titwrench Fest 2012


 Amy Annelle will be playing at the fabulous 2012 Titwrench Festival, happening July 27--29 in Denver. Amy is part of the lineup Saturday night 28 July at the Mercury Dancehall.  This will likely be her only out-of-town performance this year.  


Over the sea of grass, a tale will come to saddle up your mule and come on by.

For advance tickets, and to see the full lineup, please visit:


Fare Forward, Voyagers!




4th Edition

July 27-28-29 2012

Denver, Colorado USA


"A multi-day extravaganza of next level

art-performance and community

with a focus on the ladyz"





Updates on all the usual virtual channels.


"Titwrench is a feminist arts and music collective based in the Southwestern United Sates.  

Our mission is to:

celebrate female-identified artists and musicians

who are pushing the boundaries of genre and form;

Create community around artists,

unconventional music and art,

and an inclusive fun and safe space for all participants of our events;

Connect artists and audiences from disparate genres & backgrounds

Everyone is welcome to participate!

Community is imperative to the survival

and flourishment of our voices and ideas!  

Let's go!"


Austin Chronicle: 4 stars for "The Cimarron Banks"


Amy Annelle

The Cimarron Banks (High Plains Sigh)


Troubadour Amy Annelle has spent the better part of a decade sowing her rough and tumble folk tunes across the country, but the songstress returned to her Austin landing place to record her latest, The Cimarron Banks. For newcomers to her seven-LP career, her warbling alto commands most of the attention for the first few spins, but subsequent plays reveal intoxicating guitar lines and Bob Dylan's brand of lyricism ("I was but a waif just a-waitin' to be taken by a stiff breeze, a hellhound, or a full moon"). It's easy to appreciate the devastating delicacy of the title track, but most of the songs take extra spins to reveal their potential. Annelle's Austin residency allowed her to take the same care with this Craig Ross production as she did with her songwriting, layering together a rich album.


March as Macrocosm


Hello Friends, near and far, Mockingbirds holler away, storm clouds lash in silver-gray, and what is most surprising are the dandelions, three feet high, and rising. Springtime in Texas and songbirds do indeed have their work cut out for them this time of year. Here's a flock of shows to last us through 'til April. ***************** Thurs 3/15 Amy Annelle & the True Vine Annie Street Arts Collective SXSW Party bands from hither and yon play short sets of live music from 3 PM until midnight. Amy Annelle & the True Vine play at 7:30 pm. 909 West Mary Street Austin, TX 78704 (512) 494-6436 more info Sat 3/17 Precious Blood (Amy Annelle & Ralph White) My Backyard x Your Backyard SXSW House Concert. PB plays at 8 pm. 96 Lynn Street, (1 block East of Ceasar Chavez & Chicon) Austin TX 78702 ********************


Return to Cimarron


A transmission from the folks over at Annie Street Arts Collective:



"In late 2010, Amy Annelle finished a new album, "The Cimarron Banks".  Due to Amy's prolonged illness, the album was never properly released, though copies were quietly passed to friends and fans at shows and sold on her wesbite. This collection of swirling dark matter percolated itself slowly into the universe. One by one, as we all spent time with these songs on evenings home alone and long car rides through the desert, this thunderous tour de force rocked us through and through.

This show is a celebration of this under-celebrated album, and a teaser for a project that is in the works:  a 2-LP set of "The Cimarron Banks" in gatefold sleeve, with all the original songs from the CD version, plus an entire side of songs from the original Cimarron sessions that have not yet been released.

This is important music and we are honored to be helping Amy release it into the atmosphere.  At the show on Feb. 17th, Amy is going to play "The Cimarron Banks" in its entirety, including the unreleased songs.  She will be accompanied by her new band, The True Vine (Lindsey Verrill, Nick Hennies, and Roy Coon).  There will also be a showing of short films shot during her time in Cimmaron County, Oklahoma, the high plains landscape where these songs sprung forth.  Shakey Graves will be opening.  


Suggested donation is $10--$20.  No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.  All attending will receive a copy of "The Cimarron Banks" from the original CD pressing.  Signed color prints of Adam Kobetich's beautiful poster for the show

will also be available.  
Thank you."

Annie Street Arts Collective



with Shakey Graves

Friday, Feb. 17th

Doors at 7:30.  Music at 8.

Central Presbyterian Church

200 E. 8th Street @ Brazos (1 block east of Congress)

Austin, Texas USA

$10--20 suggested donation


for more information please contact


BIG LOVE AND THANKS to each and everyone...


I'd only ever dreamed of such a fine evening of music and community.

As an elder in the crowd said,

"it's like a big family here".


A waxing gibbous moon shone down through the oak boughs.

Warm winds and generous spirits officiated.

My songs poured forth from dear friends old and new,

and I loved every note.

Surprising tunes were pulled from deep downstream,

the newest ones settling in beside them.

Songs were inverted, rearranged,

stripped down and dressed up.

These were not cursory reads.


Good news is, it was recorded!

More about this, and word of other musical machinations, soon.

BIG LOVE AND THANKS to each and everyone who played and stayed and sang along,

Including you all sending well wishes from far & wide.

THANK YOU for the big-hearted donations of music and art and greenbacks.

AND THANK YOU to Annie Street Arts Collective

for being a catalyst of positive energy for the independent music community.

I hope that the generosity and suport showered on me and my songs

comes back to you all in spirit and in kind.


Amy Annelle



"God Bless" photo by Amy Annelle


Amy Annelle tribute benefit show TONIGHT!! Austin, Texas. Update. more cool stuff.

Subject:   Amy Annelle tribute benefit show TONIGHT!! Update. more cool stuff.
From:   "Annie Street Arts Collective" <>
Date:   Fri, June 10, 2011 5:42 pm

Hi everyone,

We are hosting a benefit show tonight at 9pm for Amy Annelle.  She is a wildly good songwriter and beautiful friend of ours.  

The show is going to be an all star lineup of Annie Street favorites:

Amy Annelle!
Ralph White!
some say Leland!
Bruce Salmon!
The Susquehanna Hat Company!
Lindsey Verrill and Pete Murray!
Steve Bernal!
Andrew Stevens!
Dan Grissom!

Amy is a person who devotes her whole mind and soul to music and as a result is struggling to pay for recent surgeries and medical problems that she has been dealing with.  If we all come together as a community, we can help her get back to a place where she can write more beautiful songs for us.  Any donation tonight will get you a copy of Amy's new album 'The Cimarron Banks'.  Also, Will Johnson of Centromatic has kindly donated several fine screenprints of his baseball paintings for us to sell tonight.  The proceeds will all go directly to Amy.

As always, please consider donating to HAAM.  They are an amazing resource for Austin musicians to get health care.

Thank you and see you all tonight!

Annie Street Arts Collective


A Tangent Pair


Hello Friends,


I write from the wake of the season's first North'er.  A North'er is a cold front that barrels down the High Plains from Alberta.  Often there's blue-black clouds blasting a line from the west horizon to the east.  A wall of bluster.  But this one just blew away the summer.  It left crystal clear air and the rush of a season turning.  Did you hear last night, how the cicadas were singing?  There's urgency in numbered days.  Do it if you mean to, before the bitter winds lay you still.

North'er Approaching Lower Colorado by Amy Annelle

The Wednesday Residency continues.  Sitting in with me this week will be Brian Beattie on the electric bass. Brian and I have worked together on many studio recordings, but this playing live will be a first.  Please join us up on yonder hilltop tomorrow evening in Austin, Texas.  Chord-tangent transformation.  Offerings in the name of Bessie, Townes, R. Stevie & Dolly, Maddy, Woody and all the Watersons. 


Amy Annelle Wednesday Residency

special guest Brian Beattie

Wednesday 9.29 6--7:30 PM


3601 S. Congress Ave.

Austin, Tex USA 


I will also be playing a solo set this Sunday October 3 at the Ghost Room in Austin for Blue Dog Rescue's 10th Anniversary.


Fare Forward, Voyagers!


Wednesday Residency--Austin Tex USA




6--7:30 PM 

every Wednesday in September & October

Ruta Maya New Back Bar

3601 S. Congress

Austin, Tex USA

all ages || suggested donation


Bi-Coastal Song Catching




Yesterday morning I woke to a soft rain in a Maine barn.  

And by tonight, I'll be all the way to Oregon.  

Presently, I plan to take two deep breaths.  







"Schedule" Dan B & Amy Moon's |  Belfast, Maine

Thank you one and all for making the New England tour a happy one!










Woody Guthrie Tribute & "Roll On, Columbia" Film Screening

with Peter Yarrow, Dan Bern, Rebecca Gates*


425 NW 18th



FRIDAY 8.20 8 PM
VERTIGO with Paper Airport

4260 SE Hawthorne




THE WAYPOST with Pikara

3120 N. Williams




Kill Rock Stars/Stooping Bear Cookout with Michael Hurley, Rebecca Gates, Tara Jane O'Neil and Raymond Byron & the White Freighter*

6637 N. Milwaukee


SUNDAY 8.22 9 PM

HOLOCENE with Laura Gibson, Thao & Mirah*

1001 SE Morrison







"Fare forward, travelers! not escaping from the past

into different lives, or into any future;

You are not the same people who left that station

Or who will arrive at any terminus,

While the narrowing rails slide together behind you;

And on the deck of the drumming liner

Watching the furrow that widens behind you,

You shall not think 'the past is finished'

Or 'the future is before us'.

At nightfall, in the rigging and the aerial,

Is a voice descanting (though not to the ear,

The murmuring shell of time, and not in any language)

"Fare forward, you who think that you are voyaging;

You are not those who saw the harbour 

Receding, or those who will disembark"

T.S. Eliot


  I'll see you up West.


Amy Annelle



New England Dates

The Way of the Cimarron




The Way of the Cimarron

by Amy Annelle 2010


"In Oklahoma, all the experiences that went into the making of the nation has been speeded up...the one who can interpret Oklahoma can grasp the meaning of America in the modern world"  

Oklahoma: Footloose and Fancy Free 

 by Angie Debo--Stillwater, Oklahoma 1949










"It is impossible to reconstruct the full history of The Nermernuh, The True Human Beings...they had no writing or records...any history of The People, no matter who writes it, must suffer from the fact that records were kept only by the People's enemies"

Comanches:  the Destruction of a People

by T.R. Fehrenbach--San Antonio, Texas 1974







High Plains Ahead


I'm about to perigrinate up the plains to play some shows,

across the valleys of the Candadian and the Cimarron,

to the Rocky Mountains and then some.

I hope to see some of you who dwell out that way and your neighbors too. 


Friday July 9 


144 N. College Avenue

Fort Collins, CO

with Origami Hands


Saturday July 10 


a three-day all-ages, DIY festival of music & visual art


3551 Brighton Blvd.

Denver, CO


Sunday July 11

Buckhorn Bar

114 E. Ivinson

Laramie, Wyoming

with Birgit Burke, Mike Safran & friends

(307) 742-3554


Monday July 12

KRFC Live at Lunch

noon Mountain Time

Ft. Collins, CO

listen live



I'll have copies of the new album"The Cimarron Banks" and other music too.


You might find me on the street at the Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma July 14--18.  You might find me any old place between here and there.


Fare Forward, Voyagers!

Amy Annelle


P.S.  There's a page up for "The Cimarron Banks", come say hidy:


Gather 'Round the Old Radio


Hi Folks, 


Amy and Ralph recenly played a live Precious Blood set for "Phoning It In" on KDVS radio, in Davis, California. Wander on over & listen to a free recording here:


"Amy Annelle (ex-Places) and Ralph White (ex-Bad Livers) phone it in from Austin, TX.  Precious Blood may be a lark for this duo--kicking back, jamming on old country standards, Cajun waltzes, and other traditional folk musics--but the results are nothing short of true alchemy. I'd make some mention of a time machine here if it wouldn't be mixing metaphors, but this stuff really does transport you, to the days of Harry Smith's or Alan Lomax's backroads recording adventures, when 78rpm records had just eclipsed sheet music, and families still gathered around the radio. It's magic, plain and simple. How else could these two incorporate so much musical history so effortlessly? And who else but? So take a seat on the porch swing and enjoy!"~~Nadav Carmel, KDVS Radio


a storm's a-brewing


Oh, how the storms come up o'er the High Plains.  

On a moody muggy afternoon, a lonely gravid cloud 

means possibilities.

It casts its shadow & starts to stir up the air around it.  

Before your very eyes, it's gathered a roiling mass of allies,

charged particles, all with a notion to rumble and lash.  

There is a lively energy exchange with the paralell plane.  

The thunder comes, bolts of lightning are hurled,

a banshee wind drives a curtain of rain.  

To be caught in the open in such a storm is to laugh as you run for your life,

is to know how it feels to be alive.

This is not unlike how a tour happens.  

A festival, an offer of hospitality, a house concert or happening

is the cloud that starts a reaction in the air around it.  

This is happening already; a tour is in the air!  

So I thought I would put the word out that, if you've written me in the past

about a show in your neck of the woods,

now is a good time to remind me.

Yes please to drop a line if you'd like to see about booking a show,

or want to suggest a friendly listening spot, happening

or show putter-onner near you.

 Commotion & reaction, thank you & bless you.


The official release of "The Cimarron Banks" approaches June 1st!*

It can be got via good old fashioned mail order, or from me at a show.  

To order with cash or check, please send $12 + $3 ship & handle = $15

(international orders please include $5 shipping & handling)

and do send an email to let me know it's on the way!






Or you may use paypal by clicking the 'order now' button at

There's another curious happening on the High Plains:

at the very top of mesas, that much closer to the clouds

tiny butterflies fly around and do their thing,

despite the stiff winds and long odds.

perhaps it's the view that stretches forever,

perhaps it's the lack of affect from concrete & plow.

It's a wonder they survive, or find each other at all;

but clearly they do.  


With love from the hinterlands,

Amy Annelle


new Amy Annelle solo album "THE CIMARRON BANKS"


Hello friends,


 I am very happy to announce the new album:



A High Plains Emanation.

by Amy Annelle

"The Cimarron Banks reveals Amy Annelle as

a High Plains angel, serenading sagebrush

and shadows, while harmonizing with the wind. 

Her songs are sparse and transcendent. 

But far from being cloud-bound, Amy exalts the soil—

what grows from it, walks on it, and is built upon it. 

She also marks the trail of remnants:  that which is

wilted, forsaken and ghostly"

–Irwin Chusid, WFMU radio

cover painting by Valerie Fowler


The Cimarron Banks ~ The Hellhound's Address ~ Wounded Man ~ Harden Your Blades ~ Carrion Dream ~ Wake Up, Little Dark Eyes ~ Paleface Blues ~ Forever In-Between ~ Miss It More Than You Know How ~ Ode To A Lone Bird ~ The Nightjar's Blues ~ Streaking With The Lightning


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"The Cimarron Banks" written & played by Amy Annelle; produced & recorded by Craig Ross. Additional recording by Brian Beattie. Mastered by Joe Gastwirt. Paintings and illustrations by Valerie Fowler. Special guest musicians Ian McLagan, Paul Brainard, Craig Ross, Josh Housh, Molly Fischer, Will Landin, Tom Cornelison.




"THE CIMARRON BANKS" is on Facebook, but it's shy and not really sure what it's supposed to do there.  Please come visit and give it a cup of tea or something:


Amy Annelle SXSW 2010


Amy Annelle SXSW 2010 Austin Texas USA

Music Showcase--Friday, March 19 7:30 p.m. at Stephen F.'s Bar at Intercontinental Hotel, 701 Congress Ave.

Sweet Relief Acoustic Stage/SXSW Interactive--Monday March 13 4 p.m. at the Beacon Lounge in the Austin Convention Center, 500 E. Cesar Chavez St.

Free Show--Sunday 2.21 7:30 PM at Flipnotics South, 1601 Barton Springs Road


a sister from the very same pasture


OKEMAH, OKFUSKEE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA USA I met woody guthrie's sweet baby sister mary jo guthrie  at the Okemah Shamrock gas station.  she god blessed me and said she loved me and all musicians and sat with me a minute and gave me a little card with woody's photo and her address and a red heart and on the back was a version of the Optimist Creed. "my father raised all us kids on this," she told me, and that she passes it on to folks she meets. now i believe the Optimist Creed was written in 1912 and i don't know much of it's history or politics. this is personal. please don't overthink it. take ms. mary jo's words to heart and follow the straight line they make to a certain place: the guthrie family kids getting raised up in hard times, in a house on a hill in okemah.  (some of the story: "Bound For Glory" by Woody Guthrie)

here's what it says on the back of the card ms. guthrie gave to me:

TO BE so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

TO TALK health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.

TO MAKE all your friends feel there is something special in them.

TO LOOK at the sunny side of everything.

TO THINK, work, and expect only the best.

TO BE just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.

TO FORGET the mistakes of the past and look to the future.

TO WEAR a cheerful countenance always and give every living creature you meet a smile.

TO GIVE so much time to self improvement that you have no time to criticize others.

TO BE too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.


further denatured

Ahoj friends, And welcome, those of you new to the High Plains Drifter Newsletter. It was really something, this last tour of America's oft-overlooked Great Plains (and some mountains too). Summoning songs with you in abandoned churches, art spaces, backyards and the odd dive bar. Thank you for being capacitors, and making it happen. when i got back to texas though, i got whipped up in the whirlwind. and oh, i got tired. maybe you too would like to be let off the hook, to forget for a moment about the ephemeral billions being slung around Washington and Wall Street, indeed the world. the unfathomable debt in which we are, in a way, drowning. money, it seems, has grown tired of all the fuss, the discrepancies. money is flown off to some theoretical nest no economist can reach and it ain't coming down. encouraging in its absence the development of other currencies: self-sufficiency, creativity, friendship, thrift. this is not to belittle the troubles of any given individual. indeed, we got big problems. but this is not all there is to it. there are happenings in other orbits. it's a warm morning here, and the mexican woodpeckers and grackles are up in the oaks babbling their cryptic liquid songs. selfish, it could be said, or self-preservative to focus elsewhere, but do try. i would like to tell you what the great plains did to me. plains of earth, not air. i could tell you all kinds of stories, about the fishermen in thailand who, upon pulling up the day's catch in their big nets, pick out the stingrays and throw them like frisbees about the ship deck; or i could tell you about the geezer hobos i met under the Highway 969 bridge, who have been there since 1978 with one guitar and one styrofoam cooler, exploring their endless repertroire of obscure country songs. but these are of another plane. so, i will stick to the earth. * * * * * * * * * * * it was a hell of a drift, this one. from the Balcones Escarpment to the Livingston Range, by way of Sand Hills, open range and Bad Lands; rivers Red, Arkansas, Milk, Missouri; through the main upthrust of the Rocky Mountains and her many drifting island offspring. Threading it all together are plains so vast as to wipe off the map the heavy-handed boundaries of states, the dotted lines of latitude and longitude. Skies so wide as to reduce to a whisper those wildcat oil towns, handsome brick-laid cowtowns, fur trading outposts and county seats. sightlines so long as to dismiss the last hundred and fifty-odd years of white settlement that led up to the settled American Great Plains of today, the Greatly Unsettled America of today. The fear-mongers' voices do not carry far on a prairie wind, and if they do, it's because you're listening for them. But then the traveler tops a rise and falls into region of endless corporate croplands. a stillness descends. the spirit of the land dies. it's the same sort of feeling you get when you see your first open pit mine or old growth clear cut: it has to come from somewhere, my dear. many plains farmers today are laying their bets on biofuels. this is the source of one kind of "green energy", oceans of it stretching endlessly (though when ripe, the strange sorghum heads are more of a pinkish-purple). and then a town grid rises from the flat monoculture palatte and you temporarily inhabit it, and start to meet more kids at shows and folks gas stations of Indian descent. you enter and leave whole other nations: Omaha, Cheyenne, Lakota. or hear, from a highway worker in the Nebraska panhandle, of an isolated all-white town called Whiteclay (pop. 14), located just a few hundred feet from the Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation, where 4 million cans of beer are sold each year*. history is alive, the people and the land are breathing, at times singing their death song. and simple distinctions between past and present can't be made; suffering and injustice, sacrifice and windfall all wrapped up in the person next to you at the cafe or listening to you sing. No, it wasn't so long ago, and the book is not closed. The Great Plains are a Great Paradox, and my love for them, conflicted as it is, grows deeper still. a version of the vision: FURTHER DENATURED * * * * * * * * * * * On the plains today you might still see for yourself how our history's writ in blood in many a meadow and creek bed and sacred, holy place. America has managed to hide the bones of ten million massacred buffalo. and the truth too, shrouded in shame and apathy, when it comes to the wrath loosed upon the Plains Indians, the war we waged on their ground. "Threats, deception and murder"...i don't mean to preach, but if you aren't sure what happened on the plains in the 19th century, you might ought to start asking, reading, finding out. "redman vs. bluecoat in the Wild West, a few battles ensue and America completes her mainfest destiny, under the auspice of the christian god": this was the lie we were fed as schoolkids, a story that might have stretched from p. 402 halfway down p. 404 in your grade school textbook of US history. this rendition of historical fiction affords much romance to the prairie sod buster, the Sooners racing for their Oklahoma land claims, wily scouts and lone rangers who made the plains "safe" for white expansion. this fiction casts the Indian character as carved of wood, some mysterious wildman who pops out of the bushes in his full feather bonnet, a half-wit with a hatchet and a peace pipe, a willing, doe-eyed squaw played by a white lady with braided hair dyed black. Of course, the nation had much to gain by dehumanizing the Plains Indian--America coveted the land they lived on and the untold riches therein--and dehumanizing is an essential component of genocide. in the century and a half since, tens of millions of settlers, tens of billions of dollars of resource exploitation and agriculture do make a lot of historical noise, threatening to drown out anything that doesn't substantiate it. Quiet, quiet. what remains is the impact of deeper harmonics, the legacy of an american "victory": reservations carved like gristle out of the plains, accounts of the miserly rations doled out by agencies in the midst of blizzard or drought; the empty treaties, the forced marches, the massacres. and most of all, the descendants of those who survived. No, it wasn't so long ago, and the book is not closed! * * * * * * * * * * * Please drop a line if you are so inclined. Fare Forward, Voyagers! Amy Annelle * * * * * * * * * * * *more on Whiteclay:

US High Plains Tour Dates

Ahoj, Friends! I write with word that a tour of the High Plains and Rockies draws nigh for some friends and I. Me and Ralph White will be playing solo sets through North Texas and Oklahoma into Kansas, where we will be joined by dear friend and high order songmaker Michael Hurley. We continue as a threesome, treading a faint path 'cross the sea of grass and lightning wrath and cradle of nomadic horse culture, with a final transect of the Rockies (from whence the horse cultures descended). My new album is not quite finished, but I'll be peddling a new very limited edition tour compilation called "SOME FROM THE STREAM". This is a drift through my recorded output, from the gloaming of the twentieth century through the day before yesterday, including several unreleased tracks. If you find yourself an inconvenient distance from the high plains, you may mailorder a copy here: Also will have a collage notebook series exploring the hypnaogogic state, based on paintings of exotic deer from the 1920s. see for yourself: We'll see you out there, friends, in your imagination, or physical manifestation. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ HIGH PLAINS & PEAKS US TOUR * with Ralph White || ** with Michael Hurley || FRIDAY, AUGUST 8TH, 2008 DALLAS, TX *Lee Harvey's Theater Fire's CD Release Show SATURDAY, AUGUST 9TH, 2008 DENTON, TX *Dan's Silver Leaf MONDAY, AUGUST 11TH, 2008 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK *Sauced WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13TH, 2008 TULSA, OK *Sound Pony THURSDAY, AUGUST 14TH, 2008 WICHITA, KS *The Artichoke FRIDAY, AUGUST 15TH, 2008 KANSAS CITY, MO **The Brick SATURDAY, AUGUST 16TH, 2008 LAWRENCE, KS The Replay Lounge ~~Precious Blood, Michael Hurley~~ SUNDAY, AUGUST 17TH, 2008 LAWRENCE, KS **Love Garden Sounds MONDAY, AUGUST 18TH, 2008 OMAHA, NE **P.S. Collective TUESDAY, AUGUST 19TH, 2008 VERMILLION, SD **Washington Street Art Center FRIDAY, AUGUST 22ND, 2008 FORT COLLINS, CO KRFC FM 1--3 PM ~~Precious Blood & Michael Hurley play live & disc jockey~~ SATURDAY, AUGUST 23RD, 2008 CENTENNIAL, WY Beartree Tavern Arthur Magazine Presents: the 9th Annual UPLAND BREAKDOWN - 2 PM ~~PRECIOUS BLOOD plays Carducci & Lightbourne's atavistic music festival with Michael Hurley, The Stop & Listen Boys, Al Rivers & friends~~ SUNDAY, AUGUST 24TH, 2008 DENVER, CO **Sliding Door Gallery MONDAY, AUGUST 25TH, 2008 DENVER, CO **Lion's Lair TUESDAY, AUGUST 26TH, 2008 LOUISVILLE, CO **Waterloo Ice House THURSDAY, AUGUST 28TH, 2008 SALT LAKE CITY, UT **House Concert SATURDAY, AUGUST 30TH, 2008 WEST GLACIER, MT **Lake Five Resort Outdoor Concert on the Belton Stage ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Fare Forward, Voyagers! Amy Annelle

creole acolyte

Summer's come now, soft and green perigrinate, we, to new orleans to pay homage to jellyroll, bix and magee breathe of the pineywoods and lowland cajun prairie tread lightly past water moc and allagata' and put on harmony with katydid and ciccada we hope to see you in NEW ORLEANS, friends, and friends thereof: ++++++++++++++ AMY ANNELLE, RALPH WHITE, LADY BABY MISS Saturday, June 28 10 PM Dragon's Den 435 Esplanade Ave. New Orleans, LA ++++++++++++++ there's talk of a Precious Blood hootenanny Sunday somewhere. Fare Forward, Voyagers! Amy Annelle

a way, i say

ahoj friends, the moon has made its final ptolemic aspect and is now Void of Course. slow down, it says, and use your intuition. the moon has nothing to fear of earthquakes, snakes or fakes. amy annelle will be playing tonight in austin, texia: FRIDAY MAY 2 (Void of Course moon) Hello Lovers CD release party with Amy Annelle, Silky and Fiction Emo's 603 Red River Austin, Texia doors at 8, show at 10. fare forward, voyagers!

the chthonic state

body residents of the chthonic state*: it's roundabout time to get things in order for a summer tour. if you have written before about having a show in America (for now) or would like to put one on, please drop a line: surely some conventional bookings will come into play too. but we're most curious about the good people and things waiting behind your door when you open it. be it a house concert, art space, party in the woods or meadow or what have you. Amy Annelle will be playing all new songs, songs that are nearly done being commited to the recorded format [------>now perhaps you are thinking about being commited elsewhere, like the octagonal Insane Asylum on Roosevelt Island in 1839] Ralph White too will be playing songs from his forthcoming solo album. And they will probably do a few shows as the duo Precious Blood, which is another thing altogether: "Precious Blood is steeped in folk music's strange past"~~Adam Schragin, Austinist *********************** 2008 Summer Tour of the Chthonic States
Amy Annelle solo, Ralph White solo (and some shows as Precious Blood) Fare Forward, Voyagers! and thank ye! xxamy annelle. *********************** *chthonic...typically refers to the interior of the soil, rather than the living surface of the land, or the land as territory. It evokes at once abundance and the grave. The term 'chthonic' can be used to describe the spirit of nature within, the unconscious earthly impulses of the Self, one's material depths, but not necessarily with negative connotations. In the positive sense, it appears as a 'spirit of nature', creatively animating Man, things, and the world. (from the Greek khthonios, of the earth, from the earth; pertaining to the Earth)

still the storm

a bee buzzing around town had a look around says it might come down to this: a pack of mules falling from a ledge into the abyss. two separate storms speaking lightning together over the high plains. a refractory pattern and an overtone. a whole lot of feedback and then, static. I will be singing in Jandek's band for his SXSW performance Saturday March 15. Jandek show info here: a house concert: Amy Annelle w/ Hello Lovers, Aaron Blount Friday March 14 11 PM 104 Chicon St. (@ Cesar Chavez) Austin, TX A new duo of Ralph White & Amy Annelle: PRECIOUS BLOOD. digging deep in the traditional music game bag for the ones with the lean muscles and the beautiful hide. PRECIOUS BLOOD Friday March 14 3 PM FXFY'all 1306 E. 6th Street Austin, TX free all day party on the east side. From downtown, walk 4 blocks east of the freeway. Precious Blood has a new myspace music page: fare forward, voyagers!

the rigging and the aerial

these things are happening. the I's have nothing to do with it. Friday March 7 10 p.m. AMY ANNELLE with AARON BLOUNT, HELLO LOVERS The Mohawk 912 Red River St. Austin, TX Saturday March 8 9 p.m. AMY ANNELLE with RALPH WHITE, CHRISTINA CARTER (Scorces, Charlambides) house concert at Shawn McMillen's 1011 E. 14th St. (Navasota) Austin, TX fare forward, travellers! not escaping from the past into different lives, or into any future; you are not the same people who left that station or who will arrive at any terminus, while the narrowing rails slide together behind you; and on the deck of the drumming liner watching the furrow that widens behind you you shall not think 'the past is finished' or 'the future is before us'. at nightfall, in the rigging and the aerial, is a voice descanting (though not to the ear, the murmuring shell of time, and not in any language) 'fare forward, you who think that you are voyaging; you are not those who saw the harbor receding, or those who will disembark. ~T.S. Eliot

Secret Show Austin TX

TONIGHT TUES FEB 19 9:00 PM LARKSPUR, AMY ANNELLE, RALPH WHITE at an abandoned (for now) hobo camp on the east bank of Bouldin Creek South Austin, Texas USA Access the trailhead at the back of Elk's Lodge Lot, where it comes to the edge of the dropoff to Bouldin Creek. Go South (Left) just a little ways. the nigh-on-full moon will surely get you there. The Elks Lodge is at 700 Dawson, just up the hill (South) from Barton Springs Road. This is near Lamar and Barton Springs Road. l Weather is going to be good. There will be a campfire. Fourth in a series brought to you by The Austin Secret Show People Fare Forward, Voyagers!

space lattice: permission granted

2008 is happening. did you see the space lattice the night it turned, smoke curling around your head, your breath a slow and steady stream of white? not long before dawn i rose in the hay field with the cedar waxwing flock. we were scratching the dirt for seeds, tossing fermented bushberries into the air and swallowing them whole, wheezing tenderly to each other through bandit masked beaks. there was plenty to eat, oh there was plenty to eat. next, i was a human walking a meadow with no paths or fencelines. i found an old horseshoe in the dust and hung it on my wrist. my pockets bulged with fine specimens of igneous incidents, of earthly metamorphosis. i picked up speed and let the wind lift me. south, to drift cross a mountain range i'd seen in a dream. i drank from the creek upstream from where my hides were softening. and the light, the light got gold. a portentious start. take heart. have a look at two new photo zines: "Fever Dream Winter Tour" and "Twenty Square Feet of Shady Lane" here: fare forward, voyagers! xxamy annellexx

the nude muse

To the creatures of Austin, Texas and its environs: official word of a house concert with the great Michael Hurley & friends; ALL THE ELEMENTS CONVERGE! MICHAEL HURLEY ANS Kaleidoscopic AMY ANNELLE (the places) RALPH WHITE Friday Dec 14 !8 PM sharp! 1011 E 14th St. Austin, Texas $8 suggested donation *BYO ossuary, juniper berry or statuesque acquaintence* map here:,+Austin,+TX+78702,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title to eavesdrop on doings of these particular muses: Fare Foreward, Voyagers! xxamy annellexx

a new musical fever dream

> Ahoj Friends, > > A new musical fever dream strain has been cultivated up on the high > plains. in the shadow of the mother mesa, raptors riding the > updrafts. over there's the faint intersection of a raiding trail and > a wagon trail. > > this fever won't kill or maim. take the strain, and see. > > under its influence you may better: > navigate the changing season and make out the new sliver moon over > brittle cornfield stubble; > follow the ley lines of city lights symmetrically strung across those > poor dark skies [skies stripped of secrets]; > calculate velocity flow of black city rivers as they go [unnoticed by > most] under all those bascule bridges. impromptu picnics from pails > in the shade of the anchorage, during construction. bridge spans > borne of pragmatic immigrant thinking. > > [why is it always dark in the city? > 'cause nighttime is time for the show] > > AMY ANNELLE (The PLACES), > RALPH WHITE > MIDWEST TOUR > * * ** * ** * * * ** * > TUES 11/6 AUSTIN, TX > BOULDIN CREEK CAFE 8 pm > 1601 S. First St. > > WED 11/7 DENTON, TX > DAN'S SILVER LEAF > 103 Industrial > > FRI 11/9 CHICAGO, IL > RONNY'S CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS 9 pm > 2101 N. California > > SAT 11/10 CHICAGO, IL > MARTYR'S 7 pm > 3855 N. Lincoln Ave. > > SUN 11/11 URBANA, IL > THE IRON POST 8 pm > 1201 S. Race St. > > MON 11/12 MILWAUKEE, WI > NEIGHBORS 8 pm > 800 E. Clarke @ Fratney > > WED 11/14 JACKSON, MI > NOMAD > > THURS 11/15 DETROIT, MI > TRUMBULLPLEX > 4210 Trumbull > > FRI 11/16 CLEVELAND, OH > BELA DUBBY > 13321 Michigan > with Theodore Vril > > SAT 11/17 CLEVELAND, OH > MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART > with Theodore Vril, Matt Valentine & Erika Elder, Neptune > > SUN 11/18 ATHENS, OH > CASA CANTINA > 6 W. State Street > * * ** * ** * * * ** * > Hope to see you, Midwest Voyagers. > > Fare Forward! > xxamy annellexx

the ferine strain

Ahoj Friends, from the post-apocolyptic jungle of Central Texas. This is so: sixty days of rain early in the growing season has got all the green things expanding to extraordinary proportions. The okra's twelve feet tall. The pecan trees are hanging heavy, gravid with tasty nuts, succumbing to gravity. And, when speaking of climatic irregularities, one can't help but address the attendant Butterfly Explosion. They're here in such great number and variety--yellow orange white, neon green velvet black and powdery blue--tiny and vulerable, drinking from a mud puddle, or enormous and slow, fluttering with such bravado, it almost warrants stopping in the garden to shoot the shit with them. Lest we dismiss the Lepidoteran* bretheren as another precipitation-induced anomality, we ought to consult the elders for some insight. The Blackfeet people say the butterflies bring you a dream. The Irish think they're human souls waiting to pass through purgatory. The Maya thought them dead warriors in disguise. What is going on, winged harbingers? Perhaps this: the River Styx is overflowing its banks, and so souls flow freely, to and fro. Could you dig being a butterfly? after you die. Flying around, high on flower nectar you sucked up with your curly tongue, seeing ultraviolet secrets with your compound eyes? * * * * * * Well the High Plains and Peaks Western US Tour was an epic ramble through the unconventional venues, river canyons, mountain passes and cottonwood plateaus of America's Left Half. Rolling with master musicians and beloved friends Michael Hurley and Ralph White, pulling notes from instruments on friendly stages or by campfirefight, sleeping under the stars, hearing the earth twitch and groan below its thin skin. Nobody got sick, abducted by aliens (though they were observed by the full moon above the Snake River Valley, two days prior to our crossing of it) or left for dead at a Greyhound Station, freedom tickets flowed at a sustainable velocity from doorman to gastank, and you: people, I tell you! You are great. Kisses and cosmic gratuities go out to all of you who set up the shows and those who came and joined in; and those who took us into house, shack, bus or driveway, shared gifts from the garden, home cookin' and conversation...THANK YOU! Michael Hurley's brand new long player "The Ancestral Swamp" is out now. When you get in then seatsprings creak their greeting. The dashboard's big enough to hold everything and there's windows in places you usually can't see through. This birdsong carries clear above the din of the creek, so you'd best get your vinyl while you can, kids. Tweet! I have posted a photo zine of our tour here: a Sleepography here: Howard Wyman in Crawdaddy: "They played with every bit of gumption as they would by the fire or in front of a crowd of thousands" Read the rest of his review of the rest of our San Francisco show here: * * * * * * Thanks to the miraculous union of a hand-held cassette player and a USB cable, I was able to post an MP3 of the April '07 live performance by The Places Fractal Folk Trio (Amy Annelle, Joshua Housh, and George D'Anunzio) on Michael Leahy's KDVS "Cool As Folk" program. The fidelity of which you may find intriguing: And finally, an update on Ralph's dog Stella, the Rattlesnake Bit Catahoula Dog. It's been a week now and she's definitely out of the woods! Thank you for your well-wishing! Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxamy annellexx *Lepidotera: scientific order of butterflies, moths, and skippers

Sleepography, HIGH PLAINS AND PEAKS Western US tour

DAY 1 Copper Breaks area overlooking pond,Texas Panhandle DAY 2 a rock cove near Black Mesa and Rabbitear Mountain, Oklahoma Panhandle DAY 3 clapboard bunkhouse near Ridgetop Nature Trail, Oklahoma Panhandle DAY 4 fake-lake campground outside Greeley, CO DAY 5 loft with pine paneling and red shag carpet over Joe Carducci's kitchen, Centennial, WY DAY 6 back bedroom of double-wide next to venue, lots of brown things and deer paraphanalia. LaPorte, CO DAY 7 Carducci's again DAY 8, 9 downstairs guest bedroom at edge of white carpet field, Fitzpatrick house, Lakewood, CO DAY 10 under the stars in a Cottonwood Flat, Green River's banks, Western WY. Woke to psychedelic pelicans fishing in the river. For real. DAY 11 couch in back room, Clayton's Mormon brick house, Salt Lake City, UT DAY 12 in the midst of a coyote dance party, Snake River Valley, Oregon/Idaho border DAY 13 pallet on the floor, a hat full of plums from the trees outside, Seattle, WA DAY 14 between the circus tent and the scrapwood shack at Andy Piper's freak compound, Bellingham WA DAY 15 Next to Big Bertha the tube radio on Snock's couch, Astoria, OR DAY 16 next to Dave Reisch's 1947 bus home, Freak Mountain, Tualatin Mountains, OR DAY 17 bank of a Coast Range River next to onery drunk family, Oregon DAY 18 on the street in front of friendly house, Davis, CA DAY 19, DAY 20 below the wainscotting and asymmetrical oval ceiling in Jen and Quinn's apartment, San Francisco DAY 21 Josh & Yuri's rock and roll laundry room, Oakland, CA DAY 22 Parham's guest room amidst the moving boxes, Los Gatos, CA DAY 23 Tinder-dry oak copse at Cerro Alto, above Morro Bay, Central CA. seriously hassled by blue jays. DAY 24 Cottonwood and willow flat in Los Padres National forest near Ventucopa,CA (two weeks after it burned). They grow persimmons, carrots, and asian pears in that valley! DAY 25 Drove all night across the desert DAY 26 Sandy cedar and juniper flats in Kaibob National Forest near the Lowline train tracks. North of Ash Fork, AZ (Flagstone quarrying town) DAY 27 Flat spot on a dirt road next to the Hat Rock, above the San Juan River Canyon, edge of Navajo Nation DAY 28, 29 edge of Dark Canyon Primitive Area, Manti-La Sal National Forest (near Bears Ears Mountain), Southeast Utah. DAY 30 Scott's house above Durango, CO DAY 31 the only motel room sleep, edge of Llano Estecado, Lubbock TX DAY 32 End of a lonesome county road near O.H. Ivee Reservoir. Oilfields/Rattlesnake/Restless Spirit Habitat. Hill Country, Runnels County, TX

deerskin bikini

Ahoj friends, old and new! there are many of you! this trip has been different. From the moment we left Austin, the sky has been swarming with storm clouds, raptors and glorious sunsets. Our first gift was a surprise gig in perhaps the deepest valley of America, in the shadow of the Black Mesa where New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas quietly ponder each other. At the senior citizen's potluck dinner we played for the folks, including the 95 year old valley matriarch. Cowboys and girls waltzed along with our unamplified instruments as the funnel clouds and the double rainbow give way to a most contented dark. That night we slept in a clapboard bunkhouse (discretely left unlocked), but an obstacle for the game trails of bobcats, coyotes and mule deer. Everybody around there works hard to get by. The Upland Breakdown brought us into America's Mongolian high steppes. Velvety golden green mountainsides, old friends, puffy clouds and getitin' gone music. 1920s rock and roll, odes to the muse and post-cajun psychedelia. Souled American drops it down to C, and every sound vibration's like it's taken mescaline. Deepest song telling and a van that holds everything (rolling now we are, with the master!) Then Denver show at the gallery was a door buster! And the next night: a surprise house concert in the old style. I am surprised and honored to be playing music for (along with folks in their teens twenties thirties etc) folks in their sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond. It's not every night you get to shoot the shit with someone who ran their airplane into a tree over New Guinea in WWII. No sir. We've just begun, now we hope to see you next...shows added in SF and Bellingham, WA. Thanks to all so far for the good times and hospitality, and Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxthe placesxx THE PLACES HIGH PLAINS AND PEAKS WESTERN TOUR Most of the dates are with the legendary vanner and master song teller MICHAEL HURLEY All dates with proto-folk enigma and river brother RALPH WHITE * * * * * * * * * AUG 31 BURT'S TIKI LOUNGE Salt Lake City, UT Michael Hurley, The Places, Ralph White, Pink Nasty SEPT 2 LAST CHANCE BARN DANCE Trout Lake, WA Michael Hurley, The Places, Ralph White with Bingo Dream Band, Freak Mountain Ramblers, & lots more freaks and dreamers SEPT 3 TRACTOR TAVERN Ballard (Seattle), WA Michael Hurley, The Places, Ralph White SEPT 4 GREEN FROG Bellingham, WA Michael Hurley, The Places, Ralph White, Lone Bird SEPT 5 FORT GEORGE TAVERN Astoria, OR Michael Hurley, The Places, Ralph White SEPT 6 LAUREL THIRST Portland, OR Michael Hurley, The Places, Ralph White SEPT 8 DELTA OF VENUS Davis, CA The Places, Ralph White, Garrett Pierce SEPT 9 HOUSE CONCERT San Francisco, CA The Places, Ralph White, Garrett Pierce (999 Steiner at 9 PM) SEPT 11 HOTEL UTAH San Francisco, CA The Places, Ralph White, Dave Mihaly's Shimmering Thieves SEPT 12 RHYTHM Nevada City, CA The Places, Ralph White, Tractor Operator ...and shows in the works for Los Angeles, Durango, CO and Marfa, TX... Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxamy annellexx ----------------------------------- a cosmic high-five from the Austin Chronicle: "A folksinger in the truest sense, Annelle and her high, lonesome, pretty voice seem to be from no particular time--more like many of them at once. Resembling someone who might've been hopping trains with Woody Guthrie, she transmits ages of American troubadour traditions in her performances. But if one of her roles is as a medium, it's hardly a passive feat; the songs come from and go in all directions."--Mike Wolf, Music Editor, TimeOut New York "What longtime Austinite and former Bad Liver Ralph White puts on albums and onstage is so mind-boggling and vast, it forces those of us in the description business down a treacherous path" (Darcie Stevens, Austin Chronicle)

the densest alloy

iridium's good for electrical contacts and exterminating dinosaurs. it cannot be attacked by acids, but can be attacked by molten salts. it's named after the latin word for 'rainbow'. rare in the earth's core, o lowly non-radioactive, non-noble gas, it is common in meteorites. what i'm trying to say is: don't rule anything out. the lowly rarity could be the end of thee, flung down from the heavens in vast quantities, blotting out your sun. CALCULATIONS FROM THE SPACE LATTICE: this serves to alert the Jandek fans in the house that Places fiddler and soloist extrordinaire Ralph White will be joining Jandek's backing band for one concert: SATURDAY JULY 21 RALPH WHITE accompanying JANDEK (the rest of the band being Susan Alcorn, Will Johnson and Ryan Williams) ROSE MARINE THEATER FORT WORTH, TEXAS which will be filmed for a future documentary, and the whole story is told here: Ralph White's here: if you don't know Jandek, or dislike silvery white transitional metals, please disregard this message. Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxamy annellexx THE PLACES

relict species

Ahoj, friends! An airplane has taken the rubes and our instruments to New York City! Back to the land of the mosquecycle and sycamore and 3-legged dog, humans displaying infinite variations of aggression, compassion, transcention. On the airplane we learnt from the tiny TV screens how hippos do kill but don't eat human flesh. and if you do, don't eat the brain, because you can catch a disease that makes you wobbly and eventually, die. Dig: there is an article about the Places today in Billboard Magazine: "Annelle makes music borne up from the land. Keen, empathetic observers, they seem to move, like ghosts, through walls and locked doors and into the homes and lives of men and women they'll never be, yet whose stories are somehow always in part their own -- and our own." READ THE WHOLE BILLBOARD ARTICLE HERE: " AND this most luminous TOP LIVE SHOWS PREVIEW from TimeOut NY: "A folksinger in the truest sense, Annelle and her high, lonesome, pretty voice seem to be from no particular time--more like many of them at once. Resembling someone who might've been hopping trains with Woody Guthrie, she transmits ages of American troubadour traditions in her performances. But if one of her roles is as a medium, it's hardly a passive feat; the songs come from and go in all directions."--Mike Wolf, Music Editor COME OUT, NEW YORK CITYZENS! Thursday 7/12 SOUND FIX RECORDS free in-store performance 9:30 RALPH WHITE 10:30 THE PLACES 110 Bedford Ave. (718) 388-8090 FRIDAY 7/13 JOE'S PUB ADVANCE TICKETS/SHOW PREVIEW HERE: 9 PM RAPLH WHITE 9:4 PM THE PLACES 425 Lafayette New York, NY (212) 539-8770 SATURDAY 7/14 HOUSE CONCERT & BONFIRE/HOUSE FIRE & BONCERT Germantown, NY (2 hrs north of NYC) new friends, email for details. Write if you are in NYC and might like to have a good old-fashioned house concert on Monday. Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxamy annellexx THE PLACES

the amenable crucible

we've gassed up the captain and will be morosely combusting the petrified remains of dearly departed precambrian creatures* all the way to LA... that's LOUISIANA, friends combustion engines are no longer viable. perhaps that van's best left behind in the bayou. as a frame for to hang thickening wisteria vines and leatherflower. a nest for the black-masked racer and canebrake rattlesnake. and we'll walk one foot at a time through the devilwoods and ironwoods and pineywoods. from texas to louisiana. from louisiana to texas. where to find the refrains and remains of blind mamie forehand, dennis mcgee, sadie coeurville, king solomon hill and little hat jones. annelle, ralph the third, and arrow the whip-tailed butterfly hound are coming to New Orleans, and we can't wait to see you THE PLACES RALPH WHITE LADYBABYMISS (MISS O. from A PARTICULARLY VICIOUS RUMOR) DENISE BONUS June 17 10 PM The Dragon's Den 435 Esplanade Ave New Orleans, LA 70116 504 945 7744 p.s. ralph just got on the myspace, why not go over and say hello and make friends FARE FORWARD, VOYAGERS! xxamy annellexx crucible (def. 3): a place, time, or situation characterized by the confluence of powerful forces. *Geologists report that sediments in Oman provide evidence of an extinction 542 million years ago, the "Precambrian Gap") possibly brought on when the deep sea disgorged noxious waters, which set the stage for the proliferation of wild and wonderful life forms that followed. (it's nothing personal. think of the wild and wonderful life forms that may follow the next disgorging of noxious waters)

leaf cathedral

it was a cold and starry dark, a month or so back at brenda's shack, which is unlike any other home base ever created. brenda is an extrordinary creature who's gone to great lengths to create a suitable habitat. a pad with the appropriate paramaters, paleattes and textures. there's furs and claws, adornments from a dozen decades and a dozen foreign lands. it's a mongolian yurt in an urban yard, there's lamb and millet and lentils from a propane stove and small glasses of red wine and kombucha tea. the books that line the walls all have red spines. a gentlemen who knows what's best might follow a sign suggesting a climb to the top of the loft. the inestimable jolie holland was there that night. the evening was whiled away in gentle celebration. jolie and i got to trading songs. and jana and brenda and chris drury were listening, and chris is a filmmaker, so his camera saw things, and secretly captured these twilit pixels: it's a video of an unreleased song of mine called "Everyone Has Spoken". that's jolie's guitar and her lovely visage in the background, and brenda's belongings abstrusely illuminating everything. ----------------- TimeOut New York's Mike Wolf wrote about our Manhattan Island show: some photos from that Continental Tour With No Middle are up: and my apologies to those of you in the middle who wrote me saying..."hey! what's this no middle shit???!" we'll play extra good for you when we do come through this summer, and bring you a brown bag of sweetcorn from a farmer's market. in the meantime. we've seen the leaf cathedral opening outside. while i was gone, green came to be the dominant shade. there's water flowing in the creeks and everything looks alive. and it's all a lie. my man is leaving. i'm tired of weeping, i'm tired of moaning. i'll be here watching for his ghost in the hallway, and recording its reaction when i call it by name. Forward, As Ever, Dear Voyagers, xxamy annellexx

Come on Out, New York Cityzens!

Come on out, New York Cityzens! The Places Forests and Caves Trio featuring Ralph E. White (with Danny Barnes and Mark Rubin, a core member of the Bad Livers) plays fiddle and hellhound banjo; Jude Webre (Places class of 2001 alum) in the upright bass arena; with Amy Annelle and her '33 Gibson L-00 (which recently won a cage match with Delta Airlines): Thursday 3.29 THE PLACES with CASTANETS Show Venue has moved to ***PALACE TAVERN***which, conveniently, is around the corner from the original venue (the lutheran church) 206 Nassau @ Russell| Greenpoint, Brooklyn G-Nassau or L-Graham | 8pm | all ages | $7 | 718-383-9848 Friday 3.30 THE PLACES (8:30) with RALPH E. WHITE (7:30) GOOGIE'S LOUNGE upstairs at the Living Room this is an intimate listening room and there is no cover. i think they have a 1 drink minimum. if you don't drink that is cool we will buy you a ginger ale! yes those are separeate 1 hour sets by the places and ralph white. don't miss ralph or you'll be real sorry. please come early and settle in, settle in. 154 Ludlow || between stanton & rivington The Village Voice recommends us:,6.html ...Ralph White is also playing a 7:30 solo set at the Rodeo Bar (375 3rd Ave on the Big Island of Manhattan) on Sunday 4.1--i might sit in on a song or two--no foolin'!

Understanding Crustal Structure

Ahoj, Friends, I say as I gaze at the remains of the late Cenozoic Tualitin Mountains. known locally as "the Portland West Hills", or "where the rich people live". obliquely crossing the anticline. intersecting several concealed faults inferred at the surface. We've Followed the Fault Lines as far as reality would allow, then passed the threshold, and no temblor has transpired. geological time will tell. The Follow the Fault Lines Spring 2007 West Coast Tour reverberates nonetheless. Joshua Housh and George D'Anunzio (the Places West Coast Strings and Skins Band rhythm section) are angels with muscles and moustaches. feral and hysterical and fearless. you will hear more from us. In the meantime i will be posting two very different live recordings (the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, and an unamplified stomp & shout set and interview on Michael Leahy's KDVS "Cool As Folk" show) right here: But all in all: great shows with great bands! Eternal hangs with dear friends we don't get to see near enough, and new ones too. Thank you very kindly to all who put us up/put up with us! From the natural habitats of desert rats and baby rattlesnakes to that of the hordes of hipsters with hangovers riding around on bicycles, in no time flat. eternal pacific ocean, graduations of floral and faunal zones and transmissions from the enigmatic Ladybug Poet. Midnight Jams with local teenagers and an ominous visit from a Methamphetamine-fueled, demon-mask wearing neighbor at the break of dawn. A chance interaction with a Brazilian Cupid amidst the shattered innerds of a massacred accordion at a san franciscan intersection. Pictographic evidence will be up soon at: A special cosmic high-five to Eric and his wife, who came all the way from Phoenix to see the Portland show. hell it's already time to board a redeye plane to cross the continent and bring some more music out the ether on the other side: The Places Forests and Caves Pressure Drop Trio featuring Ralph E. White (he of the Bad Livers, back in The Day) plays fiddle and hellhound banjo; Jude Webre (Places class of 2001 alum) in the upright bass arena; with Amy Annelle and her '33 Gibson L-00 (which recently won a cage match with Delta Airlines): Thursday 3.29 THE PLACES with CASTANETS, SHAPES & SIZES Lutheran Church of the Messiah 129 Russell St @ Nassau | Greenpoint, Brooklyn G-Nassau or L-Graham | 8pm | all ages | $tba | no phone ----->>JUST ADDED<<-----Friday 3.30 THE PLACES (8:30) with the inestimable RALPH E. WHITE (7:30) GOOGIE'S LOUNGE upstairs at the Living Room this is an intimate listening room and there is no cover. i think they have a 1 drink minimum. if you don't drink that is cool we will buy you a ginger ale! yes those are separeate 1 hour sets by the places and ralph e. white. don't miss ralph or you'll be real sorry. please come early and settle in, settle in. 154 Ludlow || between stanton & rivington The Village Voice recommends us:,6.html ...Ralph White is also playing a 7:30 solo set at the Rodeo Bar (375 3rd Ave on the Big Island of Manhattan) on Sunday 4.1--i might sit in on a song or two--no foolin'! Come on out, New York Cityzens! and Fare Forward, Voyagers Everywhere! xxamy annellexx mail-order 'SONGS FOR CREEPS' brand new original album by the Places Critic's Choice/Best Ten Albums of 2006, Billboard Magazine "...wonderfully weird, macabre songs about fading love, murderous intentions, seers and midnight explorations" ~~Peter Linblad, Goldmine Magazine "...consistently eschews the tried-and-true...a prog-pastoralist vortex of charm"~~Rod Smith, Timeout NY "Conventionally this record might be folk, psychadelic, avant-pop--more or less undefinable--but most of all it's got a grip on the sprawling, strange, optimistic, terrifying feel of open-road America."~~David Snyder, IndieFolkForever --------------------- "well, there's intelligence, and there's wisdom...that's why in D&D, they're two different scores"~~Paul Brainard

Follow the Fault Lines West Coast Tour Dates

HEAR, YE: HERE BE THE PLACES CONTINENTAL TOUR, A CONTINENT WITH NO MIDDLE: the first leg follows the fault lines of our grinding tectonic plates. below the large state somebody named california. will we be vibrated by a temblor issuing from deep within the molten core? sure. it's happened before. The Places West Coast Strings and Skins Variant Featuring Joshua Housch on 1949 Kay Upright Arco Bass, George D'Anunzio on small drum kit with all the trappings; with Amy Annelle and her masochistic 1933 Gibson L-00 SUN 3.18 DAN'S BACK PORCH, OAKLAND, CA (Temescal Sector) if you know Dan S. who just moved into a new pad, then you know where to go. MON 3.19 PIONEERTOWN (JOSHUA TREE, CA) @ PAPPY & HARRIETS !did not burn in the big fire, thank the stars!, with Bingo Dream Band TUE 3.20 SAN DIEGO, CA @ KAVA LOUNGE with the inestimable Bunky and Roxy Jones (and don't bemoan me if i run away to a canyon on the baja peninsula and immerse in a desert hot spring for the rest of eternity--proximity, proximity) WED 3.21 LOMPOC, CA (flower seed and secret surf beach Capitol of the World) @ SUGAR MAGNOLIA'S with Le Petit Protest THUR 3.22 SAN FRANCISCO, CA (an urban assemblage that quakes and burns right on schedule, according to Geologic Time) @ RICKSHAW STOP with Okay, Michael Musika FRI 3.23 DAVIS, CA Live Performance on Michael Leahy's "Cool As Folk" on KDVS at 11:30; listen live on then an evening show at DELTA OF VENUS with Le Petit Protest, 'Oogie SAT 3.24 PORTLAND, OR @ TOWNE LOUNGE oh lord good to see you again, port town, and with deer friends Zak Riles (Grails) and Pseudosix SUN 3.25 PORTLAND, OR TBA it's not official yet, it's going to be cool, but terrifying. ------------------------------- PERIGRINATE, THEN, TO THE COLONIAL MORASS: The Places East Coast Woodsy Sparseness Variant featuring Ralph White on precambrian fiddle and hellhound banjo; Jude Webre on 1932 Czech Flatblack Upright Bass; with Amy Annelle and the best posessed guitar in the world THURS 3.29 BROOKLYN, NY @ LUTHERAN CHURCH OF THEE MESSIAH with Castanets, Shapes & Sizes a few more NY/PA shows to come...write if you'd like to set something up cause me just might be able...will send another missive with news of the rubes...the full complement of High Plains Sigh Musical Releases, factory manufactured and handmade beauties, will be available for your perusal...and we look forward to seeing you! THANK YOU to the music makers, the receptors, and the vessel: A SALUTE TO THE SONG at the Peacock last week was a pleasure to behold. a finer constellation could not have been conjured. Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxannelleski and the real fantasy placesxx

High Plains Sigh Presents: A Salute to The Song

...A reminder about the show Wednesday in Austin, TX. hope you can make it... we're doing it again, people, I tell you. High Plains Sigh Presents another evening of freeform live music, this time featuring original song makers in a listening environment. Friends one and all, seekers and freaks, bushwhacking crooked and beautiful paths to the top of the mountain. if you'll be in Austin for SXSW, this is the only places performance. It is an independent event, All are Welcome. please come early and stay...just don't miss this convergence of mavericks. HIGH PLAINS SIGH PRESENTS: a SALUTE to the SONG short sets by song makers with peculiar vernaculars Wed 3.14 8 PM--close Peacock Lounge (21+) 515 E. Pedernales "Back East" Austin, TX 512.276.8979 NO SXSW WRISTBAND NECESSARY and no cover charge, but donations accepted for traveling bands. the order might change, please check for details. 8:00 GARRETT PIERCE & MATT BAUER (San Francisco, CA), FREE-FORMED CONSCIOUSNESS. 8:30 RALPH WIHTE (Austin, TX) PRECAMBRIAN FIDDLE/BANJO/KALIMBA SHREDDER. 9:00 LANA REBEL (Portland, OR/Tucson, AZ) SWEETLY DOOMED FREQUENCIES OF HONKATONK COUNTRY. 9:30 Dave and Walker from ARBOURETUM (Baltimore, MD) ASTRAL GUITAR AND ABANDONED BUILDINGS SINGING. 10:00 TENLONS FORT (Georgetown, TX) FILMMAKER, HEARTBREAKER, A TIME WARP TO TOWNES' TEXAS. 10:30 THE PLACES (ponds/plateus/plains) SINGIN' AND STOMPIN' THE FRACTAL HIGH STEPPES BLUES. 11:00 Red Hunter from PETER & THE WOLF (Austin, TX) ENIGMA, CHEATER OF DEATH AT SEA. 11:30 LONE BIRD (Everson, WA) ONE MAN CREATURE BAND ROVES THE LAND. 12:00 CHANEQUES VIAJEROS (Black Rock Desert, NV) ABSYNTHIAN ORIGINALS FROM SAM AND DYLAN OF "THAT DAMNED BAND" 12:30 PLUTONIUM FARMER (under a rootwad on the banks of Boggy Creek) MULTI-TONAL COUNTRY MAYHEM. ----------------------------- what's this? a freshly minted batch of the handmade covers album, FAWNS WITH FANGS: Selections From the Dark Heart of the Thicket! you can order yours here: in the SHOPPIN' sector Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxannelleskixx

High Plains Sigh Presents: Another Evening of Freaky Sounds and Sights From Around the Planet (and Some From Outer Space)

The first High Plains Sigh Presents night at The Peacock was a gas. We're doing it again, with quite a different lineup of freeform entertainment. 2.22.07 9 PM PEACOCK LOUNGE 515 EAST PEDERNALES ST. "back east" AUSTIN, TX Again there will be DJs digging deep into their record collections to spin unconventional/unintentional psychedelia and strange and excellent old folk music from around the world; with tangential voyages into finnish death metal and the american underground; and large-scale projections by austin visual artists. LIVE MUSIC SETS BY: gypsy road veteran and world-class Indian musician Oliver Rajamani (10:30) fractal folk songmaking outfit The Places (11:30) and a late night performance by Miss Angeliska and her esoteric Ocean Harp (12:30) LINK FOR OLIVER RAJAMANI: LINK FOR THE PLACES: short bios: " Oliver Rajamani is certainly a rare breed. When most artists spend their lifetime mastering one style of music or instrument, Rajamani is comfortable with many. Indian, Middle Eastern, and Gypsy music from percussion instruments to strings to voice and composition have come to him with much ease. Hailing from India, Rajamani has the magic and spirit of the Indian music and the fire and passion of the Gypsy music in his blood and it flows naturally out of him as one can see at his live shows. Rajamani has done extensive traveling in Greece and Israel studying the Roma Gypsy communities and their music as well as Greek and Arabic music, and has also worked in the U.N. body representing the Roma Gypsys. He performs on the Indian lute, oud, dumbek, deff, cajon, flamenco guitar, rubab and tabla in addition to his extraordinary vocals"

HIGH PLAINS SIGH PRESENTS: An Evening of Freaky Sounds and Sights From Around Our Planet (and some from Outer Space)

HIGH PLAINS SIGH Warmly Invites You To
An Evening of Freaky Sounds and SIghts From Around Our Planet (and some from outer space)
DJs will dig deep into the stacks to play thee UNINTENTIONAL AND UNCONVENTIONAL PSYCHEDELIA: death chants, war whoops and mind blowers from mysterious lands. LIVE MUSIC from That Damned Band and The Places Reeds & Strings VIbrational Assemblage
Special Late Night Psychedelic Kalimba & Mbira Set by Ralph E. White
"News Flash" Puppet Show by Low Rent
Large-Scale Out There video projections all night
Peacock Lounge Austin, Texas USA
515 East Pedernales


A Wash and a Draw

Ahoj Friends, from Six Feet Under the Underground! This transmission emanates from the old pecan groves and flood plains of Deepest East Austin. This street dead ends into a wash and a draw, the beds of which are littered with rusty rebar, wheeless tricycles and flat basketballs. And along their banks, arterial game trails and bum nest eddies swirl in the urban forest. Turn around three times to flatten the grass and lay your ass down to rest a while, child. It's been one long haul, escaping those high plains. We're brought to the brink again of a year. Revolved about the sun again. And the lives lived by golden hours on lovers' isles, water rushing the rock below your feet and you all the while watching the light as it falls down the far bank and illuminites the tree leaves to electric green. Tiny claws clutch those twigs and branches. That thicket there's where SONGS FOR CREEPS has found some friendly ears...recessed deep in the skull, picking up the subharmonic frequencies of the earth's rotation, aren't you, my feathered friends? And in a feat of uncommon endurance, a single copy strayed far from the flyway and made its way to a lady writer's desk in a skyscraper in New York. And, lo: SONGS FOR CREEPS flickers among the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Critic's Choice/Top Ten Albums of 2006, alongside Neil Young, Thom Yorke, Sonic Youth and TV On The Radio. A bloody miracle, did you hear that ice breaking? Did you see the elegant formation fly overhead? This honor may or may not translate into lavishly appointed tour buses, personal masseuses and rapping the Gnostic Gospels with Sufjan Stevens in the Green Room. Witness: a quantity of my own blood packed in ice. 29 vials of it, waiting to be analyzed by one of the legions of morbidly obese chain-smoking phlebotomists employed by the clinical research facility where i just spent two of the longest goddamned days and nights of my life. The place is like a hospital and a jail with bad food and worse movies. Somebody make me a t-shirt please, I SURVIVED 29 BLOOD DRAWS IN 15 HOURS, my first in-house drug study for money was completed, anemically, the day before christmas. A wash and a draw, and ten whole minutes to kill before they do it again. I got sentimental sending off so much blood into the unknown. I blacked out once and cried once. They wake you up three hours before dawn. I considered attaching photos of the bruises, but dismissed the notion as gratuitous. I'll cry instead, of albums for sale: SONGS FOR CREEPS! And all the others that came before. Get 'em while they're hot. Get 'em when they're not. Real, physical beauties, double and triple gatefolds, saturated colors. Lyrics! Your hands are required to deliver these missives to your ears, they cost ten dollars plus two dollars for the mailman, they are worth every penny, and are only available through the High Plains Sigh Handmade Music Boutique and Psychic Apothecary. Delivered to your door! The online store is set up for paypal, but if you'd prefer to use old fashioned currency or check please do send to: AMY ANNELLE HIGH PLAINS SIGH 1127 WALTON LANE AUSTIN, TX 78721 You can also get your copy of the very limited edition handmade covers album FAWNS WITH FANGS: SELECTIONS FROM THE DARK HEART OF THE THICKET. This is a special batch with four secret bonus tracks! The folks at Pitchdork said of this album, in a word: "excellent". No really, that's the only word they said. Elsewhere, the magnetos spark and burn. A west coast tour, with the Real Places Fantasy Trio, is shaping up for mid-March. And late March, a hop back to New, Improved York. Europe in June? Believe it. The first split 7" vinyl from High Plains Sigh coming to you in early 2007. Cause you know by 2012 the CD will be eliminated. The idiot who invented jewel cases will finally meet his eternal hellfire. It'll be all vinyl and downloads. Fire up your turntables. To address the more urgent events on the space-time continuum: a show right here in Austin on Friday. I am very pleased to play with psychedelic fiddle/banjo/kalimba conjurer Ralph White. Ralph once hung his hat with the Bad Livers, and now hangs it on abandoned islands in the Little Colorado River, where he draws detailed star charts and may very well be making the world's first low-frequency field recordings of heavy metal concerts twelve miles distant. THE PLACES and RALPH E. WHITE FRIDAY 12/29 at rock o'clock ! ! THE PARLOR 100B E. NORTH LOOP, Austin, Texas (512) 454-8965 Lastly, here is an excerpt from Goldmine Magazine's lovely review of SONGS FOR CREEPS, in which my songs are likened to the "bastard child of P.J. Harvey and Tom Waits"...a complex and delicate conception that might involve a whiskey moondrunk, a rowboat, a retrograde Jupiter, and a giant Celtic vulva floating ominously over a levee: "a starkly beautiful collection of dark avant-folk wanderings that can be eerily quiet and breathtakingly beautiful, Songs For Creeps mirrors the nomadic lifestyle of its maker. Known to sleep overnight in flop houses and trailer parks during long stretches of time on the road, Annelle's inspiration comes from places even creeps fear to tread...wonderfully weird, macabre songs about fading love, murderous intentions, seers and midnight explorations"~~Peter Linblad, Goldmine Magazine A funny polish broad did the last blood draw the other night at the research facility, she gave me her pierogi dough recipe. I made three kinds for the Solstace Party: venison, sauerkraut/mushroom and potato pierogi. In honor of the Polish broads who bore me. And I don't mean boring I mean borned! bring in the new and Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxamy annellexx


"I'll come stand at a typewriter in your corner and shoot murderous words at the birds outside" The new original Places album SONGS FOR CREEPS is here! "a truly compelling and unusual collection of recordings...highly recommended" (Rating: 5+++) Don Seven, babysue/LMNOP Planet Earth (that means international, y'all): mail order this triple-gatefold-sleeved beauty at ---------- To those who lost faith: farewell, farewell To you who'd hear, lonely travelers all*: my tale to tell. This is not for you, Precious Protector of the Image. Lost in your hall of mirrors. SONGS FOR CREEPS does not dig you. It sees you, and it wants to be seen! This is for you: half-right rambler, sentence server: watch enough white lines go by, and you go blind. That's when I started to see, and THIS IS WHAT I SAW. SONGS FOR CREEPS sings the song of you who labor too long at the task, and fail, and you never had it easy. You: waking in the dead of night to a dream lover's departure, his kiss is still on your lips. (You can't do nothin' right. You wear all your fears here, on the outside) YOU GIVE ME THE CREEPS You're standing there, in the glare of the spot light, holding the wrong hand. SONGS FOR CREEPS understands; see? It's standing there, holding a hand too. The grasping one that thrust up from the grave it just dug. The enemy--that terror--may have been utterly conquered, but it is missed, now that it's not around. (I did not mean any harm) It will come back, because you let it come back. (Stars of the third and fourth magnitude, your light dims as you measure your brother. You've been had by savage masters: jealousy and anger. Don't you see? Now love is all that's left) ---------- ORDER INFO: EASIEST mail order now with PayPal just click the button at PLAN B please send $12 cash or check by October 9 to: AMY ANNELLE/HIGH PLAINS SIGH c/o 2401 Coronado St. Austin, TX 78702 USA SONGS FOR CREEPS official release date is October 10 but mail orders will be filled immediately. After October 10 the album will continue to be available via mail order here at and probably elsewhere too. For those of you who like to keep it abstract, you will be able to download at ITunes, Napster etc. We will be selling these physical beauties at shows on our tour of the US as a trio in October 9--November 25. The Places Full Band Fantasy Sound, with Adam Kriney and Tom Hand, and I will write again soon to announce tour dates. SONGS FOR CREEPS all songs ©2006 by Amy Annelle (BMI Make/Do Music) with Special Guests: Andy Piper, Paul Brainard, Brian Beattie and Jay Pellicci. Produced with Brian Beattie and Jay Pellicci; mastered by Billy Stull. Original album art and design by E*Rock. ---------- track listing: MINERS LIE! BLESSED SPEED THE LION'S SHARE MY WEARY EYE MERCY ME GOLD TO GREEN THE DAMN INSANE ASYLUM THE NATURAL ARC I'M A-GONE DOWN TO THE GREEN FIELDS SUCH AS THE EARTH (NEVEROFF'S FATE) WORSE AND WISE ---------- Fare Forward, Voyagers! and peace to you too, LOVE xxthe placesxx *"Farewell, Farewell" ©1969 by Richard Thompson

What's Become of 18th Street? And Other Musings on the "Mysterious Aurora"

Salutations from the fourth pseudo-squat of mine here on the High Plains. This latest place I stay takes a great deal more effort to find something to like about it than did those preceding it. Rather than give up on it, I'd like to try and tell you something about it. The edifice is a post-war former rental that borders the little-considered eastern front of the city. Then comes this nothing suburb, named for a night sky phenomenon, the consummation of the stranger qualities of solar radiation and atmospheric gases, seen by our eyes as streamers, folds or arches of colored light. The pretense is referenced--though in the abstract, perhaps--in the neon tubes of motel signs and lounges along Deepest East Colfax Avenue. The Wagon Wheel, The Stockman, The Arrow, The Flair. Colfax is US Highway 40, and these motels paved what was once the bleary-eyed High Plains Traveler's preferred route to the heart of the Dead-Hearted City. That is, until Eisenhower's new Nuclear Warhead Superhighways steered the travelers clear, onto fast blue ribbons skirting the hypocenter. Now the old motels just sit there, brick and mortar, getting older. I am of the mind that nothing good comes to pass nowadays in those numberless rooms. There is survival, sure, but it's transacted in blowjobs and dime bags. I see the artifacts of these survival acts while taking my dog for walks, crossing parking lots and alleys. One thing I know: there's fucking and scoring galore on the streets of Northwest Aurora. The rest of this burb could not be more different: vast flat expanses of tract house boxes, developed from the remains of the obsolete airport and shuttered air force base. Distracted young fathers follow toddlers as they circumnavigate the block on some little plastic vehicle, the fathers mourning the death of their dream self, that faded last stab at explorer or pioneer. My circuit doesn't take me much to these newly minted parts of town, except to jump onto an unprotected wireless signal (ever harder to find these days!) to send some words to you. So I'll write just what happens near here, on the corner where 18th street should be, but isn't: HELP HELP came the suspicious cry, and I crossed the street to find out why. And I find two bored bird dogs pacing the fence line, sharing the yard with a yellow-headed amazon penned in his outdoor aviary. Don't be fooled by the approximations of our orations. Look at the naked claws and cold eye. That yard is host to a dinosaur with feathers, and a weird sense of humor! Sadly, the Giant Metal Butterflies of DuPont have proved to be just that. Their natural habitat does not extend past Sand Creek, or the manmade boundary of Eisenhower's Interstate 70 (All underpasses having been engineered to accomodate the exact height of a Mobile Missle in transit). DuPont was host to innumerable specimens of Giant Metal Butterflies. If you looked closely they could be found on any block, family groups affixed in the sixties to the sides of the company houses, and fading gracefully now in the prairie sun. But just a few miles south in this night-sky phenomena town, I have seen but the slightst ripple of their influence: a single hand-painted weathered wooden butterly straight out of Wood Shop Class, nailed to a dead tree, missing the bottom half of one wing. The clouds develop the same way every day on summer afternoons. Blowing down from the foothills and mountains, it's some sort of updraft made visible by these towering, growing cumulus columns, swiftly moving East despite their gravidity. Sucking heat energy from the vacant plains of the old Arsenal and shooting bitter forks of lightning at the tract house boxes. There may be a curtain of rain, which the air often reclaims before it can hit the the browning sod or the tiny sticks of trees stuck optimistically in what was once the footprint of an Air Force Runway. In the park near here there can be found at any hour of the day, men relaxing in the grass under a shade tree. A crew set up early today in the picnic shelter. "Hey sister, what kind of dog is that?" "This is a mutt." "She said it's a mutt. That's a sewer hound! What you got there is a SEWER HOUND". Mutt masters, take note: what you got is a SEWER HOUND. Well this was an experiment to see if I could shake off some orneriness and remember change is coming, and it's coming soon. And sure enough since writing it I've been blessed by visits from five traveling friends in as many days. Plus I got fired from the shitty restaurant job I've been trying to hold down. It's not exactly the grandiose promises of a chain letter: it's better. The ciccadas are about ready to crawl out from a long spell under the dark bark. The new Places album 'Songs For Creeps' is due back from the factory August 8th. Though the official release date is October 10, it can be mail ordered by you before then, dear mailing list deer. I'll be sending an email with all the details very soon. And dates are being confirmed for The Places' Full Band Fantasy Sound US tour October 9 to November 28. I'll be playing a show with my friends Sarah T and the Love Letter Band on August 4. It's at Chielle, Sarah's handmade clothing store on 3333 E. Colfax Avenue in Denver. I'll also be playing a few more in August, including the Upland Breakdown Festival with Michael Hurley in Centennial, Wyoming!, oh, the geology!, which is sponsored by Arthur Magazine, the best magazine ever. Please check the web page for details. There it goes. Fare Forward, Voyagers! xxamy annellexx please visit, new interstellar HQ for The Places

double helix in the sky tonight

throw out the hardware. let's do it right. and ahoj from my new handle. this is the first transmission, once removed from ye olde hotmaille account. i grew weary of the mysterious transmissions: from ho:RNY hoUsewives, CIaLis purveyors, trustees of a surprise inheritance from the republic of benin requesting that i send them cash money to prove i'm "serious", various and sundry assholes. here at high plains sigh, there are no such invasions. only puffy clouds, train tracks, drunk butterflies. birds singing like a waterfall and lightning brain-storm communications. citizen's band radio humming over the prairie dog town sprawl. killer dogs. raptors! the bones have been picked. there's news of a friendly show: BIG OLD PARTY IN SARAH'S BACKYARD (CRAWL SPACE) JUNE 16 with the places amy rau esther hernandez somebody and somebody porlolo little adam rachel pollard Denver, Colorado Inca Street/7th, somewhere in the crumbly sector south of downtown 8 p.m. I understand this will not be feasable for most of you. If you live in Denver, and do not know Inca Street Sarah's backyard, you could ride your bike down Inca street and look for people smoking on a porch. other news. The First High Plains Sigh release is the covers album FAWNS WITH FANGS: Selections From the Dark Heart of the Thicket. and it is making like the runt that survived. Top 20 at WNUR this week in Chicago? true. adding awkward dark splotches to the set lists of various venerable disc jockeys (they wear tight pants and carry crops to smack the flanks of stubborn, bloody music) at WFMU in New York? you bet. playing tetris with the smart kids on Princeton University's WPRB? it is. thank you for letting these songs into your brain waves and nerve endings. it has also made its way over to thailand, spain, denmark, japan and antarctica, among other was a long shot, and it hit something, somewhere, and i think that thing kind of likes it. soon, very soon, very very soon i will write to you about the coming new original album called SONGS FOR CREEPS. it is at the factory RIGHT NOW getting made. this album is so close to my heart that releasing it will be like releasing some rare wild rehabilitated creature back into the wilderness at dusk, and it turning back to look at me one last time, and not wanting to reach out to it because i know it is better off free, even if it dies that very same night, and then it turns and flies or gambols off into the unknown. i have posted a few songs for you to hear. here. in the HEAR sector. and in the photo gallery, documentary of the Giant Metal Butterflies of DuPont. do you know what i mean? then there's the tour. october onward. it will be the Fantasy Places Home Planet Sound Whole Band, and we will be pioneering through the material on SONGS FOR CREEPS and the frontiers of space/time/70s cocaine country, deep cuts and moldy oldies, and the shows might even be in the paper. we will join forces with illustrious/lascivious/genius/not famous friends along the way. If you would like us to come to your town, especially if it is out of the way, or has unusual local fauna, or is near the woods or a pond or estuary, or if your kind eats some peculiar regional thing for breakfast, or if you are in another freaking country, or have written in the past about playing a show together, please drop a line to also write if you just want to say hello: 'ahoj' in the czech tongue. so now without me even noticing, the sky has darkened from the gloaming into to a black field of stars and with that, i bid you adieu and FARE FORWARD xxamy annelle.

Listen to 'Fawns With Fangs: Selections From the Dark Heart of the Thicket'

Listen to the whole darn album in the HEAR section...

the Lord Dog King

GREETINGS from the rarified air that drafts behind the traveling people. I have hauled balls in The Captain, back up the light brown prairie and plains. Up there right now are exquisite specimens of raptors riding thermals, striking prey and sulking in the bare branches of trees. There are pheasants dorking across the road. There is a smoky little prairie fire burning on the border of the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles. Right now there is a pack of 12 dogs living in a yard behind the Texline grain elevator like Lord of the Flies, but with dogs instead of kids. In that yard there is even a hill of dirt, the top of which sits the Lord Dog King. I wanted to get close for pictures but the fence wasn't all that high and I imagine all that'd be left of me after that would be a pile of bones getting buried in holes and gnawed on. I wanted to put their picutre here for you to see, and one of a volcano with a UFO cloud too, but I can't get the dang camera to work right. But there are some pictures of us playing in Austin! If you were looking for love this year you went to the EASTSIDE and found it. Yes the East Side Parties Ruled…FXFY'all, FXFU, and the rad San Franciscans running the Rambler Stage off the back of their '80 Chevy Box Van While in Austin, we also mastered the new Places album, 'Songs For Creeps'. With the help of the live oaks, lily pads, horny squirrels and a gentle, ancient force emanating from behind a curtained stage in Clovis, New Mexico. to be heard by you, but soon! wait for the sun to hit its zenith. I got back here to the cowboy town just in time to see the next-door neighbor get carted away in an ambulance. Red white and blue lights dancing around, the block looked like the disco of suffering…and now. a few hours later. I am bleary-eyed, cooking breakfasts for the prisoners. Please drop a line with what's new with you, and fare forward, voyagers!


GREETINGS FROM SIX FEET UNDER THE UNDERGROUND! hello from the cowboy town. home of many endearingly sleazy liquor stores with signs with log letters or rope letters. birthplace of the trench coat mafia. from the street, open flames can be seen behind the greasy windows of the columbine steak house. for a second you can even see the CNN ticker on the t.v. but down in texas, our friend Lana Rebel's puttin' on the first annual Fuck By Fuck Y'all, the rowdy old country cousin of FXFU, which is the third finger, once removed, to the more unsavory aspects of SXSW. hear down there, the ciccadas already are stirring under the bark of trees, and the buzz sounds to me like: 'C'MON DOWN, EVERYBODY GONNA BE DOWN, PET THE BABIES AND KISS THE DOGS, PLAY SOME MUSIC, NOTHING TWIXT HERE AND THERE BUT TRAIN TRACKS, PUFFY CLOUDS, EQUIDISTANT HAWKS AND A HIGH PLAINS SIGH.' The Places (Amy Annelle with Andy Piper and Paul Brainard) play FXFY'all FRIDAY 3/17 at the Typewriter Museum, Austin, TX. Also there will be a friendly afternoon show at the Spider House SATURDAY 3/18 at 1:00 p.m. and who knows what all else we'll get into. for times, band listings etc for these and all upcoming shows, please visit the oh-so-user-friendly fare forward, voyagers! xxaaxx

THE COVERS ALBUM 'FAWNS WITH FANGS: Selections From the Dark Heart of the Thicket'

'FAWNS WITH FANGS: Selections From the Dark Heart of the Thicket' "The Places have compiled a covers album. This is not the premeditated studio covers album. more of an accidental self-portrait, drawn from a pile of live recordings and home 4-track sessions. Songs that have always been and always will be, by Ronnie Lane, Bert Jansch, Michael Hurley, Elliott Smith, Syd Barrett, The Pretty Things and double-crossed mountain women on their deathbeds, as heard through the Places. Mostly live performances from the independent radio stations, tavern and tap room stages of this cursed plane. Also a couple hard-to-find album tracks, which had been secreted at the end, behind episodes of silence. Handmade and numbered in gatefold sleeve w/ booklet." TO ORDER :
this album is MAIL ORDER ONLY through a message: or by sending an email to: $10, postage paid. you can also use THE PAYPAL if you wish to use the future technology... the account is Giant anteaters, giant squids and creatures overseas, do not be discouraged! It can be done. FAWNS WITH FANGS:
by the places JUST A BUM michael hurley
SICKLE CLOWNS the pretty things
ONE MORNING IN MAY traditional
FRIENDS led zeppelin
HALF RIGHT heatmiser
BIG LOG robert plant
LATE NIGHT syd barrett
DEED I DO bert jansch
NO NAME #3 elliott smith the gory details: --just a bum 2005 recorded in chamber of wonder, austin, texas by brian beattie to ¼" tape
--sickle clowns 2005 recorded in one room country little shack, austin texas by amy annelle to 4 track cassette and mixed by brian beattie
--one morning in may 2005 live on KUT radio austin, texas engineered by clif hargrove
--friends 2003 live at dunes portland, oregon recorded by todd barnes
--half-right 1999 recorded des moines, iowa by mike gustafson in the apartment over the liquor store
--big log 2005 live on WPRB radio princeton, new jersey engineered by jon solomon
--late night 2000 recorded in the ghost of laundry rules, portland oregon by amy annelle to 4 track cassette and mixed by larry crane
--it's all over now, baby blue 2005 live on WPRB radio princeton, new jersey engineered by jon Solomon
--deed I do 2003 live at dunes portland, oregon recorded by todd barnes
--anymore for anymore 2005 live on WPRB radio princeton, new jersey engineered by jon Solomon
--another sleep song 2003 live on KBOO radio portland, oregon recordist unknown
--don't sing love songs 2005 live on WPRB radio princeton, new jersey engineered by jon Solomon
--no name #3 2005 recorded in freaky brown and pink room, austin texas by amy annelle to 4 track cassette, mixed by brian beattie MUSICIANS: amy annelle (guitar, vocals, dulcimer, drums, percussion), andy piper (percussion, tenor slide guitar), jason sands (drums), timothy horner (fiddle), jude webre (electric bass, lap steel), dylan reilly (upright bass, harmonica). THANK YOU to the songwriters for writing these songs and thank you recordists and engineers for recording these versions. thank you to the places past and present for playing them with me. thank you michelle for having the idea. thank you josh and mark in chicago for getting it rolling. thank you rob and chad in portland and thank you joe and matt in denver for helping reel 'er in. thank you for listening.

the willing consent of the satellites

THE WILLING CONSENT OF THE SATELLITES hail, weary travelers of the space-time continuum: this summer was an endless one that stretched on into fall.
nature freaked, seasons ceased to be.
see, what should have been the Last Butterfly turned into the Last Last 
Butterfly and finally the Last Last LAST Butterfly,
pale yellow beat and bored there
in the drainage ditch beside the Interstate (November 7th).
it was like an old person who had lived longer than they'd ever intended.
filling the hours and looking for a drink from a flower
that had withered the week before.
i wouldn't have even seen this record holder, had the Pennsylvania state trooper
not pulled me over to ask me probing questions about controlled substances, and 'could his dog sniff my van'.
i declined, as his dog didn't look like it liked to 'party'. now it's now. the season did change.
mother nature's having panic attacks.
flames floods and swirling currents.
up on the High Plains here the prairie fires light up the dark
...and then again it's been ten below zero
and the prairie dogs town doors
froze shut from what?
prairie dog breath condensation?
hawk drool? yes.
watch for those shadows.
2005 went out, like a light
...2006 begins with other forces.
a cloud of friendly giant moths
with powdery wings is due to arrive any time.
they are carrying me to each side of the continent, but soon: AMY ANNELLE solo with MICHAEL HURLEY, THE FINCHES
Tuesday, Jan 17 at Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco AMY ANNELLE with OKAY, SUSURRUS STATION
Thursday, Jan 18 at Hemlock Tavern, San Francsico AMY ANNELLE solo WITH COLIN MELOY, LAURA VEIRS
Thursday, January 26 at The Town Hall, New York THE PLACES, LEWIS & CLARKE, VAGUE ANGELS (chris leo)
and DRAGON TURTLE Saturday, January 28 at Three Moons, Deleware Water Gap, PA
'in the heart of the spooky Poconos' a high-five to Places [drummer-->US-->east-->capricorn/earth] Adam Kriney:
The Wire Magazine 'crost the pond realizes his Owl Sounds record "Cows On Mushrooms" is one of the best Jazz/Improv recordings from that year, there, see it fading?
g'won and get at and finally:
a mysterious force emanating from a broom closet
in the condemned sub-basement of the brill building
has siezed one of my songs and its interpretation is being sold,
with the willing consent of the satellites (but not mine!), as a 
'downloadable cell phone ring tone'.
that wasn't supposed to happen but neither was a lot of other things.
modify the parameters of your phone so vibrate comes off like 'stun'.
[like the gun]
wouldn't that be fun?


Dear Creatures, The visas of a band due to tour here from the Czech republic did not come through--fallen, perhaps between an almond-colored file cabinet and a cubicle wall in a five-story cement office building on the outskirts of Usti nad Labem?-- but fear not! free-spirited musical mercenaries THE PLACES, consisting of AMY ANNELLE and improv/out rock drummer ADAM KRINEY would hate to see a midwest music venue fall still. hell we'll play the salad bar at the Sizzler in Ponca City on a Tuesday Night if it means we get to find out what lurks in the Valley of the Vapors. [We hate flourescent lights and shatter every cursed pulsing tube we can.] THE PLACES MIDWEST TOUR DATES: TU 10.18 BLOOMINGTON, IN @ BLUEBIRD
WE 10.19 INDIANAPOLIS, IN @ MELODY INN with the Abner Trio
TH 10.20 CHAMPAIGN, IL @ U OF IL / COURTYARD CAFE with Jim-Yoshii PileUp
WE 10.26 DES MOINES, IA @ VAUDEVILLE MEWS w/ Autumn Project
TH 10.27 ST. PAUL, MN @ TURF CLUB W/ Pocahontas County Bluegrass Band
FR 10.28 CHICAGO, IL @ SCHUBAS with Del Rey -------------------->>>Adam plays in Owl Sounds and other aural freekouts, and he runs a label called Color Sounds "weird fucking musik, psych freak out jams, noisy tones, scorched improv/free-jazz, and out soundz"

the places with michael hurley

creatures, if you can believe the way things are looking right now, just a few hours after the mist was hanging off the whole of manhattan island and glowing red and green off a few skyscraper lights of questionable aesthetic, then all the little golden lights underneath the glowing mists beating back the dark for some of your fellow creatures lodged in quarters of those endless tall buildings, and the whole of it reflecting off of the east river to just send it all into the truly sublime...if this is your reality, then you'll see that our friend Michael Hurley a.k.a. SNOCK will be making like a Places, sitting in playing free fiddle and foot stomps. That's today folks. 4:30 TODAY SATURDAY SEPTEMBER WHATEVER-IT-IS the places with michael hurley mazarin the mighty flashlight arbouretum 168 DELANCEY in the basement

puffy cloud bender ender

IT HAS HAPPENED TO BE that The Places have no farther east to go. the Captain (the Van) has docked at the corner of Malcom X and Broadway in Bushwick sector, Brooklyn.* But man! This last tour has been one heck of a PUFFY CLOUD BENDER! I can't so much as look at a puffy cloud now without getting delerious. My heart, my heart...oh man, where to start, even. Many thanks to the gracious folks who set up shows, spread the word, listened to our music or made theirs and then played favorite records, provided safe haven, fruit off the trees, good company, guitar jams, creek walks, pets to pet, shots to shoot, babies to kiss, arms to sleep in and trips to the greenfields. Magic eddies churn in surprising places in this country, as you all can surely attest. It's you who make this happen. You see the city like a dreamer does. You wake up in the tree tops and see what your city looks like drifting down. You hear music in wind resonating in the dish of your ear, and the intonations of voices, eyeballs lit by the last of the evening light, and doppler-affected machine engine sounds. Pleased to meet you! Love and gratitude to these Places: Paul Brainard, Jude Webre, Andy Piper, Stellin Newsome, the patient robots in the drum machine, single-coil pickups, vacuum tubes, chords vocal and guitarred, sweet old wood and the tiny machines known as cassette tapes. It has been a pleasure making this music this way! It's how we travel by dragonfly. Big cities and townie towns, prairies, plains and mountains: all islands in the sound. It was a great surprise to have our old buddy Ryan Stowe sit in with us at the Know in Portland. Darling Dr. Stowe has grown a wierdo beardo. This grants him security clearance into CREATURE COUNTRY and afforded us full access to the strange cascading sound waves sourced in his fingertips. A few moments of exquisite danger: once high up on the Wyoming plateu a trucker caught a gust of wind and forced the Captain off the road. The truck driver had tears in his eyes when he stopped cause he thought we were goners! Now see, look at us, we are slightly more l u m i n o u s. With a shattered rear-view mirror to remind us. We also got caught by a flash flood in the Mojave Desert, where the locals call 'Yucky Valley'. Watched a monsoon storm rippin' in the valley from up at Vic's house. Then met it's powerful wake on the way down. The water hit so hard it went all the way over the top of the van and there's still some tumbleweeds stuck up in the grill. Come to think of it, the dirt from the flash flood is still all over the van too. In the cassette player, the little teeth engaged the little wheels. We probably reached most for 'AXIS: Bold As Love'. And it's flipside, the dawnwalker genius opus 'KNIFE HITS' by Reeks & the Wrecks. Although 'Out of The Blue' in its entirity is always welcome. And the NWA remix Brian's friend made, that's just the cuss words. We got the great Waylon Jennings tape from the thrift store in Green River, Wyoming, the one with the Dukes of Hazard theme song and the truly perplexing coked-out fades. "you're a hell of a singer, and a powerful man, but you surround yourself with people who demand so little of you" Most of all, we listened to those puffy clouds riffing on the mountaintops. How does a whole continent go so fast? Here now. Watch for some more New York shows in September. The Places will be back out there in some rare form in November. 'Songs For Creeps' is done and will sing itself to you as soon as it can. Meantime, Research & Development continues. FARE FORWARD, VOYAGERS! love, amy annelle. POST SCRIPT: a quick tip of the hat to the nation's Hottest Motel Parking Lot Scene: Salt Lake City, in the shadow of the Mormon Temple. Not hot like 'cool'--hot like, HOPPIN'. Oh!, the meth-mouthed shirtless chorus. Oh!, the hand job transacted in the shadowy stairwell. The bass playing dude on the 10-speed bike is Nacagdoches' loss, and SLC's gain. ________________________________________________ *[I couldn't bear to mention when it happened: right here, Bushwick, July 7th: a face print on the window, broken glass and a ransacking of my van, removal of random objects. It was perhaps the last great cassette-centric heist in history; a lode devoted to tape heads and their tiny reel-to-reel machines encased in clear plastic. Unremarkable tools with highly specialized jobs to do. Broken cameras my eyes saw through. Unfortunately motley spoils for the thief! What does one do with a half-broken 40-year-old film-guzzling Pentax? These things need to be understood, and encouraged into working: only then will they help you make something.]

puffy cloud bender continues

PUFFY CLOUD BENDER CONTINUES Well. A short spell in the Port Town, and the Places are compelled to roll on: the PUFFY CLOUD BENDER CONTINUES. Today was spent imbibing the puffy clouds that flow freely over Idaho. The clouds riffing on the way the tops of the mountains are shaped. The lava fields and nuclear waste repositories, glass buttes, homemade tattoos and wolves. Homemade tattoos of wolves. We broke the sound barrier at Bonneville Flats. 8.24 SPICE CAFE SALT LAKE CITY, UT 8.25 HI-DIVE DENVER, CO 8.26 O'LEAVERS OMAHA, NE 8.28 BEAT KITCHEN, CHICAGO, IL 8.29THUNDERBIRD, JACKSON, MI 8.30 MODERN EXCHANGE, SOUTHGATE MI 8.31 ROUSTABOUT! AT DARKHORSE TAVERN, STAGE COLLEGE, PA 9.2 TALKING HEAD CLUB, BALTIMORE, MD 9.3 TEST PATTERN GALLERY, SCRANTON, PA 9.6 TONIC, NEW YORK, NY

roof rats


A summer stayed in Austin, Texas would mean being slowly, surely eaten alive by insects. There is no shortage of fodder for the critters, the giant cockroaches will still eat enough of whatever they need to eat to fly towards the faces of humans in a menacing fashion, the fleas will feast on the blood of roof rats, stray cats, and the spot where the knee meets the calf. These creatures known as The Places choose another way: a Puffy Cloud Bender to take us closer to you. The more goddamn puffy clouds we imbibe, the better. Falcons fledge their young from dead trees, Cherokee ladies in Washington Redskins sports jerseys give you shit for not paying the campground fee, and the only gold in El Dorado is 15 kt on sale at Wal Mart. Amongst all this, we ride. You can't stop us so don't try. The Places: 'PUFFY CLOUD BENDER' 2005 SUMMER TOUR 8/1 AUSTIN, TX at FLIPNOTICS with Tenlons Fort, Paul Brainard
8/4 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK at THE CONSERVATORY with Ali Harter, Our Anticipation
8/5 ALBUQUERQUE, NM at ATOMIC CANTINA with Beginning Is the End, The Gracchi
8/6 TUCSON, AZ at PLUSH with The Teeth, Lemon Man and Friends
8/8 PIONEERTOWN, CA at PAPPY AND HARRIET'S with Victoria Williams
8/9 LOS ANGELES, CA at TANGIER wtih Richard Swift, Great Northern
8/10 LOS ANGELES, CA at ECHO PARK FILM CENTER with the Lowlights, Here & Now
8/12 BLUE LAKE (ARCATA), CA at THE LOGGER BAR with The Lowlights
8/17 PORTLAND, OR at The Know Amy Annelle solo with Al James (Dolorean), Jack G (Tenlons Fort), Emil Amos (Holysons)
8/19 BELLINGHAM, WA with Lone Bird, Gold Star
8/20 PORTLAND, OR at DOUG FIR with Cass Mc Combs, Mt Egypt
8/25 DENVER, CO at HI-DIVE with More Paloma Songs
9/2 BALTIMORE, MD at TALKING HEAD CLUB with NeDelle, Human Bell, The Tall Grass More dates as they come to be. Fare Forward, Voyagers!!! xxaaxx _________________________________________________________________ THE PLACES are back in Texas for an eye-blink. This show tonight at Flipnotics will feature a suspiciously high percentage of Native Texans. They may be planning to establish a Republic. It will also feature at least one Martian Warrior, an alpha female, and the leader of the nefarious PB-Rkestra. MONDAY, AUGUST 1 (tonight)
8:30 PM
1603 Barton Springs Road
Austin, TX TENLONS FORT shade-dappled musical hideaway of Jack G and friends, who also makes it with you in the band Dolorean THE PLACES you bet! PAUL BRAINARD Portland/Austin rounder, and keeper of ghost notes and flat sixths. Joined by very special guest Jordan Price. No currency will be exchanged at any door or portal or passageway. and maybe afterwards, we should all go swimming.



Hello friends, the CREATURE COUNTRY tour of 2005 is well underway. we would like to send our fond regards to all traces of tornadic activity remaining in tornado alley, as it spawned a fantastic series of shows for the places, the lowlights and lone bird. we took a right at illinois, the baby birds stuck their open mouth in my face, the raccoons got it on all night. then we veered right in bloomington and made a racket with many awesome folks there. there was west virginia and there it went, west virginia being far saltier than virginia, in a most appetizing way. we ate at biscuit world and slept in hurricane. this missive finds us in chapel hill, a friendly god damn town if there ever was one. the cave yesterday was all it was meant to be, now hoppy the bartender is rollin out the hospitality carpet, and floyd the dog is on duty and watching our guitars so don't even think about it.
TONIGHT 6/11 CHAPEL HILL PANE Y VINO or somethin like that, a last minute hustle--it's a wine bar on franklin street and we play at 11.
WEDNESDAY 6/15 PHILLY THE FIVE SPOT with cynthia g. mason
THURSDAY 6/16 NYC THE CAKE SHOP with castles, starts at 8:00
SUNDAY 6/19 NYC TONIC with Michael Hurley (hail)
all hands together!



this is happening: a colony of feral parrots are procreating, in a communal nest, high atop the cell phone tower behind the quickiemart. the guy who lives kitty-corner from the quickie mart is staying up all night watching t.v. on the lawn, he's tearing down walls, he's burning the studs and drywall in his barbeque grill and the flames, along with the flashing television screen, make an intriguing array of lighting situations on his bare chest and back. some kid's weed wrapped up in his spanish homework got found on a particularly lonesome stretch of railroad tracks, about a half mile up from where a while ago somebody found, and left, a giant gold crucifix. and a few streets over the 12th street cowboy is riding his horse past the projects, all the way down 12th street, then back up it. In otherwords it's SPRINGTIME IN EAST AUSTIN! and it's glorious here. the frogs in the drainage ditch are starting to singing again and i thought, "that's the spirit". go, team frogs! A WHOLE LOTTA SHOWS IN AUSTIN, TEXAS (or: LONE BIRD, RETURN OF): Andy Piper, the creature known as lone bird, has survived the annual migration from Bellingham, Washington to Austin. and in his little claws he carried his washboard and suitcase bass drummm, his 4 stringer dropped to C and a singing saw, the guild tape delay and other soundmaking devices. Come see this latest invocation of the Places at a bunch of shows in Austin, TX: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27 flipnotics
starts at 8:00 THURSDAY, APRIL 28 --NEW-- the places and lone bird play happy hour at headhunters starts at 6:00 then later THRUSDAY APRIL 28 the places at emo's with two gallants, sail on, sailor! and damian jurado starts at 10. SATURDAY MAY 7 the Places and Lone Bird with My Education at the Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX starts at 10. TUESDAY MAY 23 The Places and Lone Bird & friends at the Church of the Friendly Ghost, Austin, TX May 31 The places will be projected live on the radiowaves coming out of the KUT transmitter. Performing on John Aielli's Eklektikos at noon. JUNE 1 The Places and the Lowlights at Flipnotics, Austin, TX THEN, A TOUR IN JUNE me and Andy tour up to new york with our friends the lowlights their new album, 'Dark End Road' hits the street in May and it'll slay ya. A reunion with elemental Places Jude Webre and Jack Martin will occur in NYC and we will head out again, four of us will, to spread love and happiness and the full band release to every dark hearted gandy gang, every run-down rounder out there. if you would like to help set up a show in your town, please email: I MEAN IT OKKERVIL RIVER'S cryptic fantastic new album 'Black Sheep Boy' is out now, and I had the pleasure of singing on a few of their tunes. Go on and get it. On vinyl even and finally, as tends to happen this time of year, the mockingbirds are so wound up with desire and longing that they are doing their best singing in the dead of night. they can't help themselves. they sing when they fly, they will sing in the courtyard of a depressing apartment complex because the acoustics suit them. and it's the boys who are the songbirds, not the girls. now, and ever, all hands together! love,



Hello friends from a smokey valley in eastern Pennsylvania. Vultures have been seen circling above the worksite. Ration cards, day labouring on the border between 'ain't no more coal' and 'ain't no more steel'. Rrrrrrrrrright across the road I am from Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians' abandoned World Headquarters, The Castle Inn Music Hall. Are you with me? Fred Waring had a huge band and choral group that made pop music and toured the world from the 1920s until 1984. That's when Fred had his stroke, and traveled on. I used to have a 5,000 gram 10" record of his group that was just a beautiful, black-and white one-microphoned teetotalin' chiffon and cufflinked time-warp. Grandmas could argue from the grave or brown velvet La-Z-Boy about the relative merits of Lawrence Welk and his bubble machine, and Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians. He hung with the heavies, like Frank Sinatra. cross him and you might wake up with cement boots on, catching your breath between the pier and the water. Fred Waring's performance hall is but a ghost hall now--nobody smoking cigarettes and drinking highballs in the grand foyer, nobody warming up in the little tile-floored warm-up rooms. The acoustics however are FANTASTIC, and remain intact. And so we were, in the darkest hours the other night, recording some songs courtesy of a pried-open window and a very long extension cord, man it was sounding good when we met the state trooper. The time warp was over and the ghosts took off. We saw handcuffs and the back of the cruiser. The cop said it was a felony and assumed that we were smoking crack up there. Smoking crack in Fred Waring's abandned rehearsal hall??? This is the Poconos. I would think the place saw more martini blackouts than crack rocks.


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